The Judeo Russian Mafia & Political Correctness


Political Correctness is straight out of Soviet Russia and is a plot to dumb you down and silence you as your Nation and families are destroyed and systematically sodomised by a small gang of corrupt freaks.

There is no left or right or ‘Green’ – they are ALL putting sodium fluoride in your water and pushing toxic vaccines on your kids. There is only one Rothschild controlled global money supply and it is being used to promote perverts and pedophiles into top positions of government, media and industry where they can be bribed into helping poison and destroy Western Nations. The political system is defunct, as is the mainstream media – they have all covered up 911 and are therefore 100% compromised.

Kiwis need to identify this ‘club’ and its members in the places they lurk in our communities, expose them for what they are and help get rid of them….before they sodomise you also. Just ask them if they think 911 was an inside job – if they are still defending the official story, its your first clue. It is arguably wise to be suspicious of the symbols that relate to this club also –  black cubes, hexagons, the rings of Saturn, X, XXX,  and the numbers they use such as 33, 666, 966, 96, 88 etc. We need to do an article on their symbols, they are now all over Auckland. Get informed and keep your families safe….

Other opinions form the ‘net’:

Teachers’ union proposes gender-neutral school uniforms, toilets and changing rooms

Kiwi kids being drugged and abused in Govt funded schools, kindergartens and new age churches….the Justin Davis Files. Anyone who has read this document will be aware that almost all of the perverts named are chess players and even top chess players – go figure.

Putin in New Zealand 1980’s

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