Sponsors Message – Introducing the all new Apple Butt Stick


Admittedly Media Whores has been a bit short on advertisers since roaring into life after a very bad come down late last August – so it is with great pride that we bring to our dedicated readers the first Media Whores sponsor message…..

Introducing the all new Apple Butt Stick…..

Why not just insert your ‘smart’ phone right up your bum??!!

This is the new age liberal iPhone lovers wet dream come true. A stick that you can insert right up your backside with your new iPhone attached (no medical assistance needed) and from that point on your entire life becomes fully automated.

That’s right – no more thinking for yourself, no more awkward new age decisions or modern day anxiety, just pure unadulterated logic and efficiency in everything the digital new world order wants you to do.

Media Whores spoke exclusively with the creators of the new Apple Butt Stick :

MW: This is not serious is it?

ABS: Hell yes, half of Media Works already has one! And we have had a fantastic uptake in Ponsonby – excuse the pun.

MW: Is there any downside to the new device?

ABS: Customers may need a few days rest upon first insertion but will be up and fully automated in no time at all.

MW: Where is the source application run from?

ABS: Israel

MW: Should have known.

ABS: Are you being antisemitic?

MW: Us? Wouldn’t dream of it.

Will you be paying any tax on your sales in NZ? We know Apple pays fk all.

ABS: You are being antisemitic aren’t you.

MW: No we don’t discriminate on the global corporate tax evaders – but now that you mention it – most of them do seem to be a bit ‘Jewish’ https://thezog.wordpress.com/who-controls-apple/

ABS: You racist little prick – we have been Chosen by God, not to mention suffered more horribly than most in the last Great Staged War. You can cancel this advertisement placement thank you.

MW: Yeah GFYS. We will run it anyway.


Sorry folks, not that enthusiastic in regards advertisers.

Some other important info from the label:

  • inserters may require an initial course of antidepressants for the first few months of insertion – we recommend consulting with Dr Lance O’Sulllivan who has been given special training with multiple butt insertions.
  • cleaning not included.

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