Corrupt Auckland Landlords – Florence McLellan, Build Corp Albany


Featured Image – Florence McLellan, Build Corp Albany, known to commit perjury in NZ courts


Just as we see with the corruption in the Auckland City Council, with Len Brown abusing younger female staff with rate payer funds and property, and the lingering and answered allegations that John Banks was a cross dressing meth trafficker (Here: – we also see the slow rotting of other parts of Auckland society – not least the so called ‘well to do’ real estate ‘investors’ and property managers…

Following on from a terrible experience renting a Build Corp ‘cupboard’ sized apartment, and givin assurances that the apartment was “quiet” by the Build Corp agent, Florence McLellan has now perjured herself in a NZ Court, by lying about the fact I had complained about the noise. She omitted around 15 emails I had sent asking her to sort out the noise from the upstairs apartment and then stated in the  Tenancy Court hearing that no such complaints about noise had been made! I mean, I still have the emails, around 15 of them, stating clearly that the dishonest little bastards upstairs were even deliberately making noise once I complained to them, and had even started switching off my power for laughs.

She even lied about a so called “visit” from her property maintenance thugs- whom she sent over to the property without giving the legal notice required to tenants – she said I had harassed them when all I had done was tell them they had no right to be on the property without due notice and consent and that lugging a large ladder and tools around the front yard without notice to tenants could cause accidents.  These filthy real estate agents will break the rules whenever it suits them- then just lie, even in court to justify it.

These disgusting, greedy, corporatist baby boomer Kiwis (my opinion, based on their fraud and lies) will not only lie to get you into a lease, but are even prepared to lie in a Court of Law, to a Court Registrar to try and bolster their fake case of lies and try to skim a few more dollars off you.

How did our Country become so filthy and corrupt? These greedy, immoral baby boomers are disgusting and are the reason we see the corruption and filth in local Government and the City in general in my opinion – they are blinded by their own  dishonesty and greed- and will even purger themselves for a dollar

We are watching as our society collapses, led from the top, the so called ‘well to do’ greedy baby boomers – as they lie, steal and purger for every last dollar they can get their hands on – as society collapses around them.

It is disgusting. What hope do we have when we have greedy liars at the so called ‘top’ of our society? Running the rental industry like the slave trade.

Blinded by their love of money.  Much like the Auckland Mayors. God only knows what else they are up to. 

Gods help us.


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