The London Bridge Hoax


Brendon O’Connell has explained the meaning of “Terranim” – these are roaming Israeli Sayanim spies/ agents who pose as tourists and partake in real and staged terrorist attacks and associated activities in the Nations they visit. They join forces with the local Israeli Sayanim agents to help stage bullshit like this London Bridge production. The agenda is to keep momentum going across the West for all of the illegal wars for Israel.

New Zealand is crawling with these demonic freaks so the public needs to be made aware. Most of them are sexual deviants and perverts of some kind, many of them are pedophiles, almost all of them claim to be atheists, and they all rigorously defend and push the official narrative of this fake ‘War on Terror’ and all of these staged events. We like the term “The 666 Club” as that is the Swastika they put on their Nation’s flag and a reference to their ‘God’ Satan / Saturn – the Hex/ Hexagram/ 666/ Black Cube.

Media Whores has previously explained how they seem to be using a smart phone app to communicate with each other and organise. We have also explained that we think they are the same ‘club’ exposed in the Justin Davis Files, who are using advanced new age drugs to drug and rape people where ever they go. Most of them have some sort of Soviet/ Russian/ German/ Eastern European or Jewish background. No one is safe around them and being informed is your best defense……

This first video showing the police getting changed into their customs during the attack has been removed a few times as it is the smoking gun- we found it again and reposting it – will keep an eye on it




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