The Trump Netanyahu Putin Pedophile Ring Explained…..


The Trump Netanyahu Putin Pedophile Ring Explained…..

Brendon O’Connell hits the nail on the head once again. The World is now run by a small group of sick demented pedophiles and perverts….and the stupidity of the general public has been their greatest weapon.

Admittedly O’Connell is pretty much quoting our articles from many months ago – but we encourage him to keep up his research on our website – its not a competition after all and we all seek the same end goal – exposing the corruption. Before long he might even figure out that his beloved NASA is a hoax, the Earth is actually flat and he is not descended from monkeys.  O’Connell was still “praying” for Trump when we wrote this stuff, but he gets there in the end at least…..

“Trump’s Russian Election” – Media Whores March 2017

“Putin – Man of the Year in Israel” – Media Whores April 2017

“Putin Bans Holohoax Denial” – Media Whores April 2017

The New Zealand parliament is chock full of these perverts – as are our councils. All of them have covered up 911 and the staged war on terror – most likely because they are also perverts being bribed and controlled from Israel and Russia. Our entire system of Government is essentially a group of sexually compromised sell outs controlled by foreign bankers – which  is hardly acceptable is it?


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