‘Health’ Minister Jonathan Coleman to Poison Everyone with Sodium Fluoride


Featured Image – Health Minister Jonathan Coleman – another Peter Pan Pillow Biter ?  Announcing more tax payer funding to help poison the slaves with toxic sodium fluoride rat poison in the water.


Government commits $12m to help councils cover costs of fluoridation in water supplies Stuff

The best way to hide the fact that your Nation may be being subverted and taken over by a small bunch of interbred Rothschild controlled criminals, perverts and pillow biters is to make it “politically incorrect” to even discuss it.

As more and more evidence comes out that pedophiles and pillow biters have been promoted into all top positions of Government across the Western World, we thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at NZ Health Minister Jonathan Coleman who has today announced more tax payer funding to help poison and kill the tax paying slave class citizens of New Zealand.

We have seen no direct evidence that Dr Coleman is a pedophile or a pillow biter, but it is interesting to note that his Wikipedia page has no details on his personal or family life whatsoever. We also know from the Whale Oil blog that at least 4 sitting National MP’s have name suppression for child abuse crimes, so how can one rule it out?

Many argue that family men make the best leaders in our communities because they have at their core a sense of obligation and care towards their own families and children’s futures and that sense of care usually extends out to the broader community. Those family men should also not be part of the criminal inbred Rothschild ‘tribe’ nor any of the secret societies those freaks run, such as the Masons.

The agenda we see at play across the Western World these days – as dictated by the Rothschild Central Banks that now control our Nations and their democratic systems – is to destroy this family unit and therefore weaken our communities and society so as to make it easier for one small group of inbred perverts with fascist tendencies to rule over everyone. Indeed as this agenda takes hold we see the relentless promotion of the gay agenda, rampant pedophilia scandals, ongoing name suppression for pedophiles awarded by the Judiciary, the mass sell off of our Nation and its assets and the unrestrained mass immigration levels which nobody has ever voted for.

It is fairly clear to most reasonable people that New Zealand is being recolonized by the filthy foreign bankers and that this agenda is being carried out by promoting sexually bent and or otherwise compromised sell outs into all top positions of Government. The biggest threat to this Satanic agenda is of course the family unit and straight fathers who will fight tooth and nail to defend their children’s futures – not to mention their children’s health.

Thus one of the first things a real leader would do in New Zealand is order the removal of all toxic sodium fluoride from the water supplies. Sodium fluoride is of course the main ingredient in rat poison and was first added to water supplies by the Nazis in the concentration camps to help keep the prisoners docile and controllable. Health Minister Jonathan Coleman is literally turning NZ towns into open air Nazi concentration camps with his policy of adding rat poison to the water supply.

This should come as no surprise to Kiwis however, as we have all seen how every single one of the compromised criminals in the Masonic Beehive have conspired to cover up Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks and NZ’s terrorism and war crimes across the Middle East since. They are all a bunch of compromised perverts by any serious analysis, but do of course have the full backing and protection of the Talmudic NZ legal system and corrupt judiciary.

They should all really be rounded up and arrested, then put on trial to face war crimes charges – with Dr Coleman to face additional charges of mass murder for his part in adding sodium fluoride to the water supply. Public hangings would be a suitable punishment for their role in mass murder some would argue.

Hopefully we will all see this day arrive very soon.


Harvard Study – Sodium Fluoride causes brain damage

Sodium Flouride-rat-poison

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