Sir Kiddie Fiddler John Key Joins the Long List of Honored Perverts


Featured Image – Sir Kiddie Fiddler John Key.


In keeping with the new Rothschild / fake Jew World Order system run from Israel of honoring kiddie fiddlers and war criminals –  John Key has been ‘honored’ by the illegitimate / puppet Queen of England for his work helping to undermine NZ’s sovereignty and sell off the Nation’s resources.

Now why on earth would the Queen want to honor a man who was actually trying to get rid of her and turn the Nation into a republic ? Not to mention he was probably most famous for his never ending lies and his constant sexual harassment of other people’s children and young women.

NZ Author Greg Hallett would argue it is because the Queen is in fact an illegitimate Rothschild puppet and simply does what this dangerously inbred family tells her to do.

And so we see another serial kiddie fiddler ‘honored’ under this fake corporate system of greed and perversion run from the so called Jewish State.

By any serious analysis, John Key is in fact another certified war criminal for his involvement in covering up the Israeli 911 attacks and signing off on New Zealand’s involvement in the illegal wars that followed. Young Kiwi soldiers died due to this pervert’s kowtowing to the Rothschild owned Israeli State.

He even fled the Country at the height of the Pizza Gate child sex trafficking allegations and oddly enough around the same time that Young Nat Sarah Higgins died mysteriously on a Saturday night. There is also a trial in progress for a “high profile Kiwi” in the Auckland courts which has blanket name suppression so may or may not be related.

Then there were the allegations that his daughter Stephanie Key is passed around diplomats  and is now of course crowd funding for her first porn movie.  And Max Key frequently showed himself to be a twisted little pervert.

This is the filth that this rotten to the core inbred banker system throws up as its heroes in this day and age – and its disgusting.

Its a Global corporate club of interbred pedophiles, perverts and war criminals all protecting and honoring themselves – and funded by us.

It is long overdue for a unanimous chorus of “Fk Off!” and “NO CONSENT”. Time to stop feeding the vampires. They steal our tax money and use it to glamorize and honor themselves and their own perverted addictions. They are psychopaths not leaders and must be boycotted if not banned completely.



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