QuasiLuminous – Anybody Keen to Get Out of Here Alive?


We have been following QuaslLuminous’ online rants for sometime now.

He is one of the few people we have actually censored off this blog as it is way out there. We have made one or two brief references to his work. Which is a bit hypocritical really all things considered.

So here is some of his stuff.

QuasiLuminous has taken the whole Flat Earth debate into other realms and argues that at the centre of the Flat Earth is the legendary Garden of Eden, Lost Arch and waters of eternal life. He reckons all of this is coded all around us in movies and popular culture and that you have to be retarded not to see it. Quasi claims to have the ‘spare of destiny’ and reckons he will lead humanity out of its darkness and stupidity and into the so called Garden of Eden.

Many claim Quasi is in fact a dangerous cult leader – but they are mostly people who go to churches every Sunday to ‘eat the flesh’ and ‘drink the blood’ of their savior who died over 2000 years ago and doesn’t appear to have actually saved anyone as yet, before returning to their homes to feast on the carcasses of dead animals, despite the warnings in the actual book they worship. So who is judging?

Hey – its more entertaining than watching Sonny Bill Fkg Williams grope his way around a rugby field in Lycra and a new hair style for the 100th time – surely?

Ladies and Gentlemen – your new age Savior, QuasiLuminous:

Full Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/QuasiLuminous/videos


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