Do all ‘Natural Flavours’ Contain the HEK-293 Aborted Baby Fetus Proteins?


Featured Image – so called “Organic” juice company Phoenix from the so called Better Drinks Company  .Now adding all sorts of crap to their ‘organic’ drinks…


When a food company comes out with a product that contains actual real food, they are almost invariably leapt on by the satanic Rothschild money men and their product turned into poisonous crap in no time at all. We see this happen over and over – they all sell out.

It is almost illegal these days to actually sell real food. Your corporate Supermarkets are the new age gas chambers with almost everything you buy full of toxic additives and chemicals designed to slowly poison your organs and turn you into a hobbling obese cripple over time. Those who own and control the corporate New World Order hate you and want to kill you and they are doing a very good job. Everyone is bought and paid for and the agenda is to kill and poison as many people across the West and indeed the entire World as they can. They even use terms such as “useless eaters” to describe most of the population.

Just take a look at the names on these corporate  super market chains:

New World (Order)

Countdown (to the One World Order Corporate slave system)

Pack and Save  (actually Pack and Slave)

These inbred corporate criminals are murdering you with poison while all of NZ’s best food gets exported overseas to the elites and high end restaurant and food chains.

Any and all food additives are designed to poison your organs and cause sickness and obesity but probably the worst is the HEK-293 aborted baby fetus ‘protein’ being added to so called Natural & Artificial Flavours. They get away with calling it ‘natural’ because it is grown ‘naturally’ in a lab from real human baby fetus that they purchase from the abortion hospitals.

Almost every sauce you consume – both from the supermarkets and most of the restaurants you eat at – contains “Natural” and Artificial flavours, but thanks to the Rothschild corporate One World Order government, companies are not obliged to warn you. What’s a little aborted baby with your dinner after all?

So how do consumers know which products contain the aborted baby cells? The answer is you don’t. Perhaps they all do?

All of the chocolate and ice cream brands now contain “natural flavours” as do almost every other processed food you can buy. Lipton Tea, Starbucks coffee, Just Juice, and most Coke and Pepsi products now contain these ‘flavours’ and you can guarantee that is what people are queuing up for at McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.  They are also in most women’s make up brands and even the vaccines.


Puts a whole new spin on the “Hell” restaurant chains doesn’t it?

They have their ‘666’ code stamped all over it of course. HEK is possibly a reference to “Hex” as in the curse over man or 666 as stamped all over the fake Jewish /Israeli State flag and the number 293 could be seen as 263 in the occult as the 6 is 9 / 69. 2x6x3 or 66×3 or 66 66 66. They are always including/ encoding their symbols like this.

The agenda is to turn ‘the Goy’ into demented cannibals as they know the Universal truth – you are in fact what you eat and consume. Many argue this hatred is primarily driven by this club’s genetic inferiority complex and rampant small dick syndrome which has turned these people into demons.

The first thing a real government of the people would do in NZ is outlaw all dangerous toxins in the food supply. The Rothschild corporate pimpocracy which poses as democracy are of course protecting and enforcing it on us all.

More on the HEK-293 aborted baby fetus protein being added to your foods and make up brands below:

Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods – Natural News.


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