The Greenpeace Hoax


Greenpeace is another Rothschild owned corporate hoax – just like our Governments and most other corporate agendas. They only serve to feed themselves and grow bigger via your donations.

Alison Mau

Image – one of the biggest corporate whores in New Zealand history – Alison Mau. Pushes all of the Greenpeace lies. As thick as 5 planks. Most likely a ‘holocaust survivor’.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest corporate buffoon lies from Rothschild owned Greenpeace…

Patrick Moore – co-founder of Greenpeace explains that man made climate change is a hoax….actually he is still a little stupid as he hasn’t figured out that the Sun is shifting one degree every 72 years and through one ‘age’ every 2160 years, on repeat over a full 25920 ‘Great Year’ but he is on the right track. The sun is never even mentioned in any of the ‘official’ Rothschild bullshit climate change hoax science – which is beyond insanity, it is simply lies and fraud.

Oil is the life blood of the Earth and does NOT come from ‘dinosaurs’ . We shouldn’t be digging it up anyway as we have free energy all around us, but much like the Rothschild owned medi-sin industry, a cure for the problem is the last thing any of these corporates want. The oil companies make money digging it up and Greenpeace makes money protesting about it.

In fact Dinosaurs are a hoax – period. They never existed. Old whale and other large bones are combined with modern plastics and other materials to create these fake creatures……its simply another big money spinner. Got to give them credit for their imaginations these criminals….

The over population hoax – the entire 7.2 billion population of the planet could be housed in land the size of Texas, with a large backyard for every home, leaving the rest of the planet for food production and parks.

And of course the ball Earth hoax – the most ridiculous invention / hoax ever…..

Conclusion – Greenpeace is another Rothschild/ Rockefeller bullshit corporate fraud. They are in the mind control business – as are all other ‘NGO’s’ governments and corporate criminals. If they don’t create the illusion of shortages, there is no money in it. The fact we even pay for wireless internet is another obvious recent example – creating the illusion of a limited supply just as they did with electricity many years ago. So they can charge you for it. And make money protesting about it in Greenpeace’s case. 



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