Claims Backpackers Being Drugged and Sexually Assaulted En Masse in New Zealand


Featured Image – Justin Davis names Finns Global Backpackers in his claims about backpackers being drugged and sexually assaulted in New Zealand


[Legal Notice – The allegations made below were first published online back in September 2015 and relate to a time prior to that date. Finns Backpackers Taupo was sold around the time these allegations were first made online and so do not relate to the new/current owners. There has been no allegations made about the backpackers that we are aware of since the new owners took over. We understand the backpackers was previously owned and sold by Taupo businessman Tom Condon. We do not know if Tom Condon is aware of the allegations. Note also it is not Media Whores who has made these allegations – they are available online in the links provided and have been repeated across Facebook by the man who made the allegations many times – they are in the public domain and remain unchallenged (if not covered up) and it is therefore not illegal in anyway to report on them – in fact it is the role of good reporting to do just that. We see reporting on these allegations as a matter of public safety].

Once the Kaitai backpackers owner who had been drugging and raping his guests was finally exposed after many years of carrying out the attacks – what followed could be best described as an official cover up. It was concluded that he was using sleeping pills from his doctor to carry out the attacks and that was the end of it. No other people were implicated, no other drugs were named and presumably the doctor who enabled that serial rapist for years is still prescribing massive amounts of sleeping pills to other serial rapists.

The Justin Davis Files that surfaced a couple of years ago make it clear that the drug of choice for these rapists is actually Chloral Hydrate.

Chloral Hydrate came to fame after a hotel owner in the USA was found to be using it to drug and rob (and no doubt rape) hundreds of his guests. The hotel owner’s name was Mickey Finn and the slang term for spiking someone’s drink with that drug became known as a “Mickey Finn

Oddly enough, Justin Davis actually names Finn’s Global Backpackers in Taupo as one place where that drug has allegedly been used to carry out sexual assaults on backpackers. We post his allegations below or you can read the full 55 page document via the Justin Davis Files website.

Interesting to read old online reviews of Finns Taupo on Trip Advisor with some guests complaining of odd smells in their rooms and various other things….not proof of the claims made by Justin Davis of course but surely his claims need to be investigated?

He also claims there is an old German man who has operated in the Taupo & Wairakei area for decades using that same drug to carry out sexual assaults on hundreds if not thousands of travelers and backpackers.

One wonders how many other backpackers or even backpacker owners are part of this ‘club’? Could it be a problem Nationwide? Media Whores has also seen other reports that some hostel and hotel rooms in New Zealand are rigged up with hidden cameras used to perv on guests in their bedrooms – Backpacker Board NZ

Apparently this information has been passed onto police many times, including direct to the Taupo police – but as far as we are aware no investigation has been carried out. One wonders if all of these people are protected somehow by the system? Justin Davis certainly seems to think so and claims that most of the drugs they are using are being manufactured by doctors based in Hamilton and distributed around this ‘club’ Nationwide.

Perhaps it is not surprising that this problem – if true – is being covered up given the NZ government refuses to investigate its own historical (and no doubt current) serial child abuse problem?

Sample text from Justin Davis Files regarding Taupo below. Full report on this website.…You will have to excuse the grammar – it was written by a man presumably under a lot of stress.

We can not verify these claims but we do think visitors to NZ deserve to be warned of them, not least given there has been no investigation. We are fairly sure the vast majority of Kiwis would agree also – we should be protecting our guests from sexual predators and assuring them that NZ is a safe destination to visit (even if the roads are not).

” Nz worst serial rapist is in taupo. About 1500 or more rapes

Mainly tourists from free camp ground there called Reids Farm

He calls himself Andre

But that’s his middle name.

Gerhart is his first name

He a German with aussie passport been in nz for decades. About 70 now

In his spare room,, is a bed that waist height. A pedo bed, used for group rapes

He invites tourist back to stay the night and have hot shower

There’s lots I can tell you about him. Including how he steals cash from tourists and changes it in Rotorua

There a couple of accommodation places they use for drug facilitated rapes

The Hub in Palmerston North, Finns in Taupo

Finns had convicted rapists as night porter

There other couple as well. They use celling access. When I was there I use special door lock called a life lock. But they still got me using celling access

I told you about spray they use chloral hydrate

Imagine while you are sleeping they drop small plastic tube down and dose you. Then they can do what they like”


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