The Trump, Netanyahu, Putin Pedophile Ring of Power Explained


Featured image – Putin, Trump and Netanyahu, who owns who….the most? Pedophilia, terrorism and power is the glue that binds them – as well as most of the Western politicians they now bribe and control. Sorry days for humanity with these sick b’tards in charge.


These are the sick criminal b’tards running the entire war on terror – as an excuse to spy on you and your children – and resulting in the death and/or serious injury of 10’s of thousands of Western soldiers and millions of innocent victims across the Middle East.

Probably the saddest thing is the army of brainwashed / retarded grown ‘men’ across the West who see these pedophiles and transvestites as their heroes due to their belief in the lies and fairy tales sold to them via their big boy TV screens. Adults in diapers cheering on war criminals and pedophiles due to their irrational fear of TV manufactured boogiemen.

Putin demonic infestation – a mass murderer. Note the sly reference/ threat to the journalists daughter. 


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