Pem Bird ‘Honored’


Featured Image – Pem Bird – looks a bit fried doesn’t he?


Pem Bird has been held up recently by the Rothschild / Judeo / Russian ‘liberal’ pimpocracy (that now runs New Zealand) as some kind of ‘honorable’ hero.

A hero that drives at 169km/hour apparently – possibly off to his next ‘date’ and feeling a bit ‘high’.

Media Whores has been sent other allegations made about this man by those in his community.

Those who read this site can guess what they involved. Never saw the light of day.

It is the same for most of these people who are ‘honored’ these days – if not every single one of them.

If they have been ‘honored’ – run like hell, and be sure to take your children with you.

Welcome to the new Babylon folks – a plan centuries in the making as the 666 filth infiltrated and took over our Nations so they could have an endless supply of ‘food’.

And those the hold up as our ‘leaders’ are dubious to say the least. The system is so corrupt they can only rely on a certain type. Donald Trump being an obvious example. Out of control.

The long list of ‘honored’ ‘leaders’ in Zionist run UK – legal, not necessarily related.

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