Trump, Russia, Israel and the Sayanim Jewish Spies


Trump, Russia, Israel and the Sayanim Jewish Spies

These people are lurking in your communities folks – many of them are Talmud following pedophiles  –  they see you and your children as food and think they have a God given right to sexually abuse you and your family members. They are ones who always get name suppression in the Just Us system.

Top clues are strange family backgrounds, money and inheritances that seem to come out of nowhere, surprising successful businesses that seem to defy the rules, passionate defense of the latest Zionist backed pedophiles put in power (including Trump and Putin),  and a steadfast belief that skyscrapers collapse when they catch on fire.

More great work from Brendon O’Connell – who admittedly has taken a while to piece together what we have been posting for many months. No doubt he will eventually catch up on the NASA and Glow-Ball hoax also.

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