God, Satan, the Jews and You


In the interests of toning things down a bit and possibly scoring a few points with the PC police – here is something Youtube chucked at us the other day which was interesting. A Jewish woman’s perspective on what’s going on.

Clearly there is a growing concern with all of this Trump Putin rubbish. The beast is showing itself and its looking very Jewish.

She explains the difference between the Torah and Talmud worship and how a section of Jewish Rabbis have strayed from Torah teachings and become rabid with an addiction to Babylonian Talmudic false idol worship. They don’t ‘worship Satan’ they have become Satan., she argues.

Oh yeah – and technically we are all Jews. Something we have mentioned before – 12 Tribes, Aeries through Pisces.

More and more it seems the Talmud is the book that governs this counterfeit system – counterfeit money, counterfeit food, fake medi-sins and never ending war.

Video follows her intro from Youtube.


The most effective, insidious, difficult to detect and difficult to recover from form of brainwashing is when one’s own endocrine system is used to create addictive chemicals and is thus inducted against one’s own Body. This is precisely what Talmud study is all about. The Talmud is the most sophisticated system of brainwashing ever developed.

People who have studied techniques of brainwashing used by the media, military, MK Ultra and other programs would do a great service to reach out to Orthodox Jews with that information. Although Talmud is more devious and insidious than any of those cruder forms of brainwashing, some of the elements are the same and there is hope that Orthodox people will recognize what is being done to them.

Had I never learned about brainwashing techniques from people studying governments, had I not learned about psychopathy, had I not learned about the effects of drugs and chemicals in our water and food; I would not have realized what the Talmud is – the progenitor of them all.

I am NOT coming from a place of Jewish self-hatred. Quite the opposite. I love real Torah learning and feel the compassion and sorrow for the Orthodox Jews that I would feel for any family member who was a tortured addict in profound denial and self-delusion.

They need a helping hand extended to them – not vitriol, not hatred, not rejection and disgust. That only makes them dig their heels in.

And yes, it’s your business because the cacophony of their Talmud learning, that goes on many hours a day ever day, that is the Cymatics that is creating all the false and distorted forms we see around us.

If you have not heard of Cymatics, I recommend a scientific discussion, rather than some of the pseudo-scientific discussion.

Secrets of Cymatics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMK3O…

The links to the Hebrew proofs are on these links:






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