Terrorism Expert Warns Rugby Fans to be ‘On Alert’ for Auckland Lions Game


(Watch as the spies rewind our ‘views’ backwards every few minutes as she goes viral. It just dropped from 50 back to 3)

Media Whores – a self labelled expert on the Jewish war of terror – has produced the following guide for both New Zealand and Lions rugby fans on how to keep themselves safe from any staged terrorism events this weekend in Auckland.

The top things to look out for:

(short video example follows each point)

1)….Keep a close eye out for extremist Jews dressed up as ‘Islamic extremists’ and carrying backpacks stuffed with Talmuds.

2) Keep an eye out for police dressing up as ‘Islamic terrorists’

3) Keep an eye out for reports of buildings collapsing before they actually do

4) Keep an eye out for CGI airplanes flying across the Auckland skies – most likely to be spotted by a Jewish jeweler….

5) Keep an eye out for fake guns and no blood

6) Stay away from any buildings that the Government have put plastic all over the outsides recently

7) Watch out for “Crisis Actors” – these are usually Jewish Sayanim spies or local Freemasons that are paid to lie and pretend they are victims- they have been doing it for at least the past 75 years and are born naturals.


And finally remember – don’t bother reporting what you see to the Government agencies – they are the ones running it. Post it online for the public instead.

Enjoy the Lycra display and stay safe form the Zionist terrorists! 


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