The Real Radio New Zealand News Headlines


Here are the real news headlines from tax payer funded / State / Satan run Radio New Zealand.

Radio New Zealand is near 100% fake news – everything they tell you is a Masonic designed and sponsored lie to keep you dumbed down and misinformed while you and your family are taxed, poisoned and eventually murdered by this ‘liberal’ Bolshevik/ Soviet / Zionist Jewish run corporate holocaust.

A bunch of whacked out self loving MK Ultra liberals and child abuse victims infiltrated by a handful of Talmudic worshiping Satanists – tasked with covering up the corporate gonociding of New Zealand’s Native populations (Maori and Euro settlers alike) – erm, with your funding.

The day you hear Radio NZ expose the counterfeit banking industry is the day they have started working for the tax payers that fund them and not those very same bankers.


Kathryn Ryan – dribbles at the mouth as she crawls out from a hole in the underworld at day break for her Morning Death Cult Radio NZ show.

News Headlines – Radio Neo Naziland (June, 2017/1984)


Corporate Government Terrorism Cover Up Under Way

Government to Finish Off the Demolition of Wellington After Failed ‘Earthquakes ‘

NZ Labour Party Child Sex Trafficking Not as Bad as First Reported

Another Ministry of Bolshevik Division & Racism Requires More Funding

More Confusion on the Man Made Climate Change Hoax

Roaming Gangs of Drunk British Perverts and Rapists Descend on Auckland

Only Sharia Law Can Help Save NZ from Drink Driving Dangers – One grown adult admits having 2 standard drinks in one evening.

Queer ‘Men’ Demanding to Wear Skirts in British Israel

More Funding to Save Some Penguins as NZ Teen Suicide Rate Reaches New Record Level

More Tax Payer Funding for the Fake HIV Drugs Which Kill People Diagnosed with the Fake HIV Virus

Millions of Dollars Worth of Oysters Stolen and Secretly Exported to Russia and Israel in the ‘Great Jewish Oyster Swindle’.

Updates on the NZ Labour Party Child Sex Trafficking Scandal – “Hey National are doing it, why can’t we?”

Don Brash Exposed as Neo Nazi White Racist Supremacist Illuminati Holocaust Denier for Suggesting We Should All be Treated as One Race.

The Mass (Zionist Jew owned) Corporate Murder of Kiwis Labelled Huge Success – Future Looking Even Brighter

Don Brash Denies the Holocaust – Susan Devoid Orders 5 Years in Jail.

Susan Devoy/ Devoid  Launches New  Tax Payer Funded Holocaust Denial Campaign

Tax Payer Funded Media ‘Doing its absolute best’ to Create Race War Among All Groups – Except  the Poor Jews

Alleged Serial Child Sex Offender Nick Smith may have Some Competition in Nelson – but will no doubt be ‘protected’ , again, like a Cockroach.

Zombie Apocalypse as 60,000 Mind Controlled Retards Gather in Auckland for Homosexual Corporate Lycra Sporting Ritual

Another Pervert MP Cover Up Underway – We ask, are there actually any left?

More Tax Payer Funding to Help Mass Murder Kiwis for ‘God”s Ministry

Another Cold Blooded Police Murder ‘Justified ‘

Another Just Us System Murder Cover Up a Huge Success – Parents of Victim Thanked for their Patience and Understanding.


And that folks is the standard of your tax payer funded Bolshevik / Soviet  news – bought to you by a bunch of mindless Satanic  ‘liberals’ using your hard earned money and with the grace of the Babylonian/ Jewish Talmudic Law and Jewish owned banking system which rules over your dumbed down sorry ass with the illusion of freedom and democracy.

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