New Zealanders are being Quietly Mass Murdered in the Corporate Supermarkets


Featured Image – you are what you eat – those numbers in your foods will be the numbers on your body bag.


Kiwis are being silently mass murdered via their corporate (from the Latin word Corpus/ dead)  supermarkets and food supply and in the good old Kiwi spirit of things, nobody is complaining about it too much.

Every night when ‘consumers’ get home from work, those really attractive people in the latest fashions on their ‘Saturn-light’ TV tell them not to worry and that the Government they are funding has it all under control. Those numbers in the food are safe, there has been some really great developments in the latest food sciences and the pharmaceutical companies have almost discovered a cure for the latest dis-ease that they also recently invented. Followed by some ads for the latest debt products offered by the foreign banks and a great new deal on private health insurance so that you can afford a few amputations once needed. The people telling you this on your TV’s are of course the people making the most money from killing you with all of the lies.

Take a look around you when at the supermarket and you will notice more and more people who just don’t look well at all. More and more people look like they have injuries, their joints are failing them, some even struggle to walk and push their trolleys in a straight line.

The sad thing is if you pay attention you will also notice the ‘foods’ they are putting in their trolleys. Almost all of it processed foods of some description and almost all of it containing  those numbers and other additives. This is NOT food and rest assured, those numbers and additives have been scientifically designed to slowly murder you.

There was a period of time some years back as the media and Government battled it out with the foreign bank owned and run food industry about food labeling and disclosure and that battle has been well and truly lost. Companies are now simply using generic terms such as “Natural flavours” and “Artificial flavours” which evidence suggests may contain the HK293 proteins which are made in a lab from aborted human baby fetuses – and getting away with it. That is how bad it has gotten.

Those who suffer from addiction to the artificial mainstream media and belief in this artificial Rothschild owned economic system of money counterfeiting, pride themselves on being able to explain that the use of these various preservatives and additives is about ‘economics’ and the efficiency of food storage. Bullshit. NZ can (and does) produce enough fresh food to supply everyone in NZ plus around 50 million more people overseas every year. There is no need for artificially processing or artificially preserving foods, save for a little salt or curing, sure. That list of additives and numbers is about slowly poisoning your organs, keeping the medi-sin industry in business and saving on Government paid pensions, and nothing more.

There is in fact only one simple truth about diet – you are what you eat. This is quite literally true and is the only thing people need to remember when shopping for food.

Meat is in fact now one of the main poison delivery mechanisms employed by the corporate / foreign bank owned food industry. Almost all of the cheaper meats you see on display come from animals that have been vaccinated, dosed up with antibiotics and fed a diet of chemically enhanced stock foods often even containing genetically modified ingredients. Once processed, most of the meat contains additional colourings and additives to make it look bigger or ‘healthier’ before it is served up to you on a toxic polystyrene tray. All of those poisons end up in your blood stream. You are what you eat.

Similarly with the numbers you see and have been told are ‘safe’. The foreign bankers and their corporations now have complete control over our compromised and corrupt politicians and health agencies and they tell them what to say.  These are poisons that you are consuming – and you are what you eat….


What these corporate criminals don’t want you to know is the true science behind diet because it would put most of them out of business in a short space of time – not to mention the doctors and drugs companies.

The human organism contains organs and all it needs to be healthy is organic. Funny that. The human body is its own pharmacy and heals itself when looked after properly.

Every and all chemical and additive that you ingest is poisoning your blood by making it acidic and thus making you ill. They also clog up & poison the organs leading to obesity. The corporate ‘health’ professionals don’t want you to know that the number one cause of obesity is actually those numbers in the foods.

By maintaining an organic based diet you are insuring your food intake is primarily alkaline based which helps you keep your PH level at the optimal 7.2 level, resulting in clean blood and therefore a healthy body and organs.

There is in fact only one ‘dis-ease’ on this planet, and that is the dis-ease of too much acidity in the blood, caused by the ingestion of non organic compounds. The madness of this artificial corporate system is that when people finally get sick from these chemicals and additives they are eating and drinking, they then go to see a doctor who prescribes them even more chemicals and additives to try and cure them. These ‘modern day science’ doctors and their drugs have not cured one living soul in their entire history. You cannot cure a problem of toxicity with more toxicity. What they are in fact doing is murdering you.

If you are suffering from toxicity, resulting in too higher levels of acidity in the blood, the simple answer is to detox.

Water is the primary solution but the fake corporate run Government are adding toxic sodium fluoride to your local water supply which destroys the bones and calcifies the pineal gland and brain functions. What is needed is pure water or better yet, distilled water which actually leaches all chemicals out of your organs and body in a matter of days, as well as all of the toxic plastics being ingested from the pretty packaging.

The other thing is of course to start to get the diet right and that means going as organic as possible.

There are 12 organic cell salts that are produced in nature and are found in our foods. These are the ONLY nutrients your body needs to be healthy, along with water, sunshine and regular movement. Everything else the overpaid corporate freaks tell you is a lie, or a half truth. Rest assured. The body is a temple of salt after all – you are the ‘salt of the Earth’.

The full list of these 12 cell salts (sometimes called tissue salts) can be found on the website below and on numerous other websites. If you look into it however, the important thing is to remember that this ‘food science’ is based on Astrology and any website, reference or ‘expert’ trying to suggest otherwise is full of shit. There are 12 months of the year, 12 signs of the Zodiac, and 12 organic cell salts produced by nature across all 12 ‘seasons’. Of course it is astrological in nature and anyone suggesting otherwise is either corrupt, or suffering from TV and/or education system retardation – this includes 100% of those who work in the corporate and /or Government run food and medi-sin industries. – the 12 cell salts

You can buy those cell salts in health stores – avoid the brand that contains other additives (read the label). The Schussler brand seems good but has recently also sold out a bit and introduced a whole bunch of bullshit compounds you don’t need. There are only 12.

Every ‘body’ is deficient in at least 3 of those 12 cell salts, simply because you only spend 9 months in gestation, resulting in a deficiency of the following 3 cell salts.

The reason this natural food science is covered up is fairly obvious – there is no money in it. Most of these 12 cell salts can in fact be found in the commonly known herbs that can grow in your back yard. Everybody enjoys the odd large pizza and ice cream of course but if they contain those numbers and additives, rest assured it will poison you and the actual nutrients you need for health are found in the natural foods.

The fake system we currently live in hides these simple facts using lies and half truths. For example, they tell you your body needs “Iron”. Iron is of course what cars are made of. Your body does NOT need iron, and you certainly don’t get ‘iron’ out of dead animals. Don’t be retarded. What your body needs is iron phosphate. That is a ‘half truth’ they feed you. They also say you need “calcium” – a half truth – what your body needs is calcium fluoride. That relates to one of the biggest half truths they give you – saying you need “fluoride” for your bones and teeth  no – you need calcium fluoride for your bones and teeth – what they put in the water is sodium fluoride and it is killing you.

These ‘natural’ numbers found in nature, such as the number 12, can also be seen in the pH level. Your body needs a pH level of 7.2 to be healthy and we see the number 72 in the optimal  number of heart beats per minute in a healthy heart, the average lifespan of 72 for human beings and even in the electromagentic resonance of the Earth itself known as the Schmann Resonance which should ideally read as 7.2hz. HZ being a subtle reference to the word Heart which should beat at 72 beats per minute. Even the very word ‘Earth’ is an anagram for the word ‘heart’ – Earth/ Heart.

Note that there is a huge effort going on to confuse those numbers and science both online and otherwise – as there has always been. If researching, use the word “Astrology” to find the real info (not to be confused with the fake astronomy). You will also find all of these ‘sacred’ numbers hiding in the scriptures of the Abrahamic religions, with 12 disciplies, 72 apostles etc. Those lights in the sky are still the same, and so is the science and associated numbers  that go with them.

The vast majority of people look at information like the above, shake their heads and walk away from it muttering about “conspiracy theories”. Sadly this is precisely due to the various levels of chemical retardation as well as education system and TV brainwashing/  indoctrination that they currently suffer from. Rest assured there are no coincidences in these words and numbers which make up our reality. If you are burdened by one of these brainwashed people maybe get them to do a Google search for “NASA photos of Earth” one day – all of them are fakes and some even have the mouse pointer left on them by mistake. That exercise can often help to people wake up to the fact they are fed a constant diet of bullshit from their Governments and TV screens and may even lead to the realization that they are not in fact descendants of monkeys but are created from the very ‘system’ we live in – called nature. And it is organic.

For those who are already underway on the path to decoding this bullshit / artificial Rothschild money printing false corporate reality that is beamed at us every night from non existent satellites, there is enough info above to follow up and research for yourselves. If you do so you will end up proving all of it is in fact quite true and can then go about helping your family and friends ‘detox’ from the corporate death cult that is the food and medi-sin industry.

A few video references follow. And yes, we just did a whole article without once mentioning the ‘fake Jews’ – although another article detailing who owns all of these toxic food and drug companies could be in order. Here is one quick clue Monsanto (Moon/ Saturn)










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