Don’t Forget the Knowledge


Fake news, false flags and fear. Keeps the courts – which are in fact Talmudic banks –  all full on Mondays.

All of the religions are the same thing, all of the languages come from the same source, as does math and all real science, and all of it is based on the Atom and the astrological procession. You are also that Atom – the Adams of the Bible. One human race, the two eyed Adomites. 12 tribes in total, Aries through to Pisces. Each of us our own little Solar System with the heart as the Sun.

Although admittedly, there appears to be one other ‘race’ who consider themselves ‘elites’ and ‘chosen by God’ at your expense. These are the whack job psychopaths you see on TV each day, both presenting and presented. They hide this knowledge of who you really are so that they can rule over you with their fake and fraudulent news, science, religions, governments and corporations  –  like the greedy little twisted psychopaths and corporate pedos that they are – Abrahamic/ Talmudic/ Old Testament and Sharia based child abuse the glue that binds them.

Unfortunately for humanity – these Rothschild/ Jewish and Vatican psychopaths are in charge of the money supply and thus dictate every fake agenda we see.


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