MP Paula Bennett Accused of Multiple Counts of Benefit Fraud, Racism & Child Abuse


Featured Image – Demonically possessed ? Alleged War Criminal, Paula Bennett, now also accused of multiple counts of benefit / WINZ fraud, child abuse, racism as well as apparently being a prostitute.

[Allegations of  multiple benefit fraud posted below our customary rant]


What do you call an organization that stands accused of massive historical (and current) child abuse but refuses to be held accountable for it’s crimes, while fighting to cover up allegations of child abuse made against many of it’s top executives and ministers?  Its called a child abuse ring. We believe this would be a far more accurate description of this septic Rothschild controlled corporate NZ Government.

Paula Bennett is the CEO of what must be statistically the largest corporate child abuse operation in the South Pacific – if not the entire World. It is a system of slavery run by the Talmudic/ Jewish/ Rothschild bankers where by they steal money from those who work in NZ, take out their 70% cut and hand the rest over to those who don’t work. They also print trillions of dollars in counterfeit money resulting in never ending price increases. Food prices have tripled since these same fascist bankers staged their 2008 ‘Global Financial Crisis’ and stole trillions of their own counterfeit money back off the ‘Goy’ slaves (the name they use for non Jewish cattle slaves – that’s you). Rents have also doubled in that time. The net result is more and more poverty, and resulting child abuse. This whole septic foreign bank run slave system of Talmudic child abuse could be replaced simply by removing income taxes on those who wish to work. Income taxes = poverty = welfare. It is a system designed to cripple and enslave people and nothing more. It is in fact a system of War-Fare, not Well-fare that these criminal / pedophile / Talmudic bankers run – to keep the Goy impoverished and enslaved.

In fact this foreign banker run system of slavery has become so corrupt and septic, that they now appear to be simply importing tonnes of meth every month to keep their Goy welfare slaves subdued – as well as the courts, lawyers and child agencies all busy. If you don’t think the Government is running the meth, just ask yourself why there is no coke, acid, e’s, or even marijuana flooding the streets of NZ?  It is because meth is the Talmudic / Jewish bankers’ preferred choice.

It has long been alleged that the Talumdic / Jewish Judges, ‘criminal lawyers’ and corrupt Masonic senior police run the meth industry in NZ. Many MP’s have also been named as large scale drug traffickers.

Ask yourself, what sort of person volunteers to head an organization like this – that slowly enslaves and abuses whole generations of people? Corrupt greedy little corporate pigs is one description we have heard recently.

This is allegedly the standard of MP now running the corporate slave operations in this Rothschild owned Pimpocracy. The Rothschild central banking empire has become so rotten to the core and corrupt, that this is apparently the best they can convince to work for them and help hide their secrets.

Many of these MP’s were child abuse and trafficking victims in our opinion and Paula Bennett has talked openly about the abuse of her childhood. Could this have turned her into a drug and alcohol addict, a hooker and a child abuser herself?

Many if not most of these awful corporate puppets appear to be under what some call Mk Ultra mind control, sexually abused as children, then handed over at some stage to psychology pseudo science ‘mental health professionals’ who get them addicted to the Big Pharma new age psychotic medications and convince them to “go forth” in the World and fight to steal back what was taken from them in their youth. Child’s play. They then go on to help Rothschild and his gang systematically abuse (financially and/or otherwise) as many other Kiwis as they possibly can. Is it possible Paula Bennett fits this category also?

With an alleged 5 sitting MP’s with name suppression for child abuse crimes (Whale Oil 2014), Nick Smith facing child abuse allegations, Todd Barclay fired for spying on girls in his electorate office, numerous others fired for corruption and theft, and this account of the Paula Bennett, it becomes a painful possibility that our Government is arguably being run by a bunch of child abusing demonically possessed and yet highly protected criminals and/or psychopaths. Their ‘leader’ John Key even fled the Nation at the height of the Pizza Gate allegations which linked to the Clinton Foundation which Key had recently donated millions of tax payer dollars money to.

It should come as no surprise that the Government refuses to investigate its own serial child abuse – child abuse is apparently just the grooming process for their next generation of ‘leaders’.

Hiring prostitutes for grooming into ‘leadership’ positions is nothing new however, if not the norm – it has long been alleged that Christine Rankin started off as a BDSM mistress for Geoffrey Palmer

Interesting to see Bennett now seems to own 6 properties – while pretending to be one of the spokespersons for the housing crisis……

Hon Paula Bennett (National, Upper Harbour) 4 Beneficial interests in, and trusteeships of, trusts TLG Family Trust (trustee and beneficiary) 6 Real property Townhouse, Mt Eden, Auckland House, Ōrātia, Auckland House (jointly owned), Sunnyvale, Auckland House (jointly owned), Henderson, Auckland *


Will these documented allegations of welfare fraud be investigated? No – because the NZ Government is now a mafia corporate gang, perhaps best labelled the Fourth Reich. The Third Reich helped create Israel, and this Fourth Reich are now helping the bankers to rape the Nation.

We note Bennett has threatened legal action already – the Just Us system is there to uphold Talmudic Law and protect their own after all. How about just making your welfare payment history public ‘sweetie’? A court case would need to do that anyway to prove the claims are false. That will be the strategy here by the army of Rothschild minders in suits – yell and scream about “defamation” and “digital harm” and try to avoid the actual allegations and facts altogether. Why not just release your welfare history? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

It should be noted here that these people are also the victims of this very same Talmudic/ Old Testament system we are under –  many of them starved of love and security as kids, then abused and attacked. That apparently becomes the World they live in – with Government being the epicenter of it, both the perpetrator and the savior.   It is a system of cyclical and thus perpetual child abuse that these bankers run – with abuse, fear, greed and bullying the oil that runs the engine. Child abuse is just the ‘interest’ on the counterfeit money they lend to us all. in fact it is now a certified government industry as proclaimed with the new “Ministry for Vulnerable Children” – a growth industry right up there with gambling, booze, tobacco, and prisons – the Rothschild Government’s other main income sources.  Its called Corporatism folks – just one in the basket of various ism’s used to rule over the cattle. Communism, capitalism, corporatism, take your pick – you are always paying the interest & inflation on these criminal freaks’ counterfeit money.

We should probably repeat here that these are only allegations at present – but the proof will be in whether Bennett agrees to release her welfare payment history, or runs for the lawyers.

Quote taken from Facebook today:

July 1 at 8:47pm · Waikato · 

Dear Paula Bennett,

I would like you to explain to the public a few things from your past as your tax payer funded lifestyle and past is very much in the public’s best interest.

Do you remember the Napier Tattoo Club?

Because I remember you and your partner at the time, Allan aka Philpsy.

And this is what I remember as one of the children of past members of that club – the Napier Tattoo Club, my mother and her now late husband, were also members of that same club.

Why have you changed the laws that helped you get where you are?

I stayed at your place in Tutira, the place you lived whilst recieving the DPB whilst at the same time buying your house in Taupo with help from the government – the tax payers of New Zealand – at the same time also renting a house in Wellesley Road – with tax payers supplementing it through your DPB benefit.

So you were not and still are not, a law abiding citizen.

You are in fact, a hypocritical law breaking citizen.

Here is how and it’s just the start:

1- Living in Tutira with your partner who was working full time whilst recieving a benefit.

2 – You were also defrauding the government by renting a house at the same time in Wellesly Road when you were staying with Allan in Tutira.

3 – At the very same time as your house in Taupo was being supplemented by Housing New Zealand.

Three counts of fraud you knowingly committed against the tax payers of New Zealand and the New Zealand Government.

Three counts of serious fraud you have never been held accountable for.

Three charges of serious fraud.

I also have a few personal memories you may remember but due to your highly manipulative, narcissistic and self induced altered state of mind you may not, but I know you will because like me I doubt your memory is that selective.

Who am I kidding?

Your memory is as selective as an alcoholic locked in a bottle store for the weekend being unable to say which aisle he pilfered the booze off first and blaming a mate who had done the Billy Bolt.

Your Prime Minister perhaps?

He did it.

His mate drank the booze.

Security footage does not lie though.

He was the only alcoholic in the bottle store surrounded by his empty bottles oozing the stench of lies and theft.

Facts do not lie.

Nor does my memory.

You however?

Let us refer to my perfectly recalled, raw and honest memories album of the fraud who is Paula Bennett:

I remember alot from when I was a kid of you.

I am confident in stating emphatically you were also a drunk and a drug user.

Many a night at the club you would laugh about throwing tricks at Stag Park whilst working there.

Hold on, so you were receiving government assistance to buy a Housing NZ house in Taupo, renting a house in Wellesly Road and living with Allan in Tutira and at the same time working?

Shall we chalk that up to four serious fraud crimes?

Four fraud offences.

You, Paula Bennet, are a fraud to the very definition of the word – FRAUD.

I witnessed you many times drunk, stoned and high on class A drugs – in front of children, my sisters, myself and sadly, your own child – your daughter.

Another charge: drug addict

You even once slapped my face 5 times because someone stole some booze from the table and you blamed me and my sister for it.

I was only ten years old.

So, that cowardly act makes you a child abuser and me, your victim.

Another charge: child abuser.

You are also a racist because I was the ‘little black cunt’ that stole your booze.

A racist pretending she is not a racist and assisting in the running of the country.

Five counts of serious fraud.

I was ten Paula.

What the hell did I want your booze for?

You were the drunk, drug ingesting child abuser committing 4 acts of serious fraud.

Not me.

Do you remember me now?

It pays to never forget Paula.

It has been fun watching your rise on the backs of the tax payer and lies.

To wait for this moment.


I will be sending this to parliament.

You will be exposed as will your government.

You are not my deputy prime minister.

You have to be voted in by the public and you were not, neither was your boss, Bill.

You are seated illegally.


Never forget who you work for – the New Zealand tax payers Paula.

And that would define me in every sense of the word as your employer.

I am Billy Bolt’s boss.

I am your boss.

4 million of us are your employers.

You are our servants.

It suits you that heavy coat of fraud wrapped around your shoulders.

However, the truth is like a Lion Paula, you set it free and it will defend itself.

I am that lion.

Yours in absolute sincere disrespect,

The 10yr old black cunt who saw you, felt the slaps across his face and is only here to return honesty and integrity to our country by de-throning a fraudulent abuser of the system, our country and her people.

The lion,

Ashley Farrell


Hello Sweetie – the bad old days are over – how would you like to rule over the biggest corporate / Rothschild child abuse operation in the Pacific? You will be promised some trinkets and some land. Hell yes! Hail Yeshua. Hail Satan.

This ‘retired Judge’ – Dr David Harvey should also now be investigated for possibly conspiring to cover up child abuse allegations. Could he be an MK Ultra handler?? Both of these halfwits sitting there on large tax payer funded salaries trying to hush up child abuse allegations. That seems to sum up the entire counterfeit system that these parasites enforce upon us.


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