The Jesuit Illuminati Hoax


One has to laugh really as people from around the World all join forces on Zuckerberg owned Facebook to help expose and defeat the so called “Jesuit Illuminati” New World Order. Let’s all sign up to Jewish owned Facebook, hand over all our data to Israeli run databases via the NSA and GCSB then post all day about how to defeat the ‘New Word Order’. lol. Facebook is the New World Order, and it ain’t run from Rome folks, it is run by Jewish CEO’s and by Israeli super computers.

Let’s ignore the fact that 9-11 has Israeli Mossad footprints all over it as well as the entire staged War on Terror which has been used as the excuse to spy on us all and steal all of our data on a false / unlawful premise.

Here is another good idea – let’s print up some playing cards and call it “The Illuminati Card Game” and predict everything we plan to do in advance, then the Goy will blame ‘the Illuminati’ – they are easily fooled like that.

Could ‘the Illuminati’ be just another Rothschild inspired hoax? Media Whores looks at some other theories below:




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