Co-Operative Bank Starts Forcibly ‘Microchipping’ it’s Customers


Featured Image – Co-operative Bank logo –  Fair use. The serpent eating it’s own tail? “Change for good” – or working for Satan just like the foreign bank cartel?


What can you do? Refuse to let your bank make you verify transactions by cell phone. Phone customer support and complain – tell them you are happy to answer security questions but WILL NOT accept being chipped like a dog.

Media Whores has been informed of a story which appears to prove Co-operative bank of New Zealand has started forcibly ‘microchipping’ its customers – possibly the first bank in New Zealand to do so.

This is an important story really because the agenda being run by the ‘holocaust surviving’ bankers is to eventually have you all chipped like dogs – and probably much sooner than you care to think.

Apparently customers at Co-operative Bank are now being forced to use their cell phones to complete transactions online. So apparently so called “internet banking” has now become compulsory phone banking also. Like the proverbial frog boiling in the pot.

This is the story of one woman we spoke with but who prefers to remain unnamed as she claims the bank has already threatened her if she dares speak out about the issue.  “They have threatened to close all of my accounts” she said “Please be careful with this story as I am afraid they will come after me if they know it is me”.

The woman said she was trying to send just $50 to a friend who was already set up as a payee on her internet banking and she had paid her many times before. “A little dog pops up on the screen and starts making this really annoying sniffing sound – like you haven’t showered in a while or you are in prison or something. I have tried turning the sniffing dog off before but it just keeps coming back” she claims. “Anyway, after the dog finished sniffing me, a security message came back and said ‘Sorry but this looks like a risky transaction you MUST verify first via your cell phone’ – or words to that effect. Well I never signed up for “phone” banking, I signed up for internet banking, but now apparently using your phone to do so called ‘internet’ banking is compulsory”. She continued “I mean the transaction was only for $50, and I have paid this person many times before without any problems, so why the hell are they making me verify using my cell phone? “

Well Media Whores can answer that one for you – it is part of the agenda to force the public / Goy/ slaves into banking services run by a  small microchip that they must ‘carry’ in their right hand and that chip will eventually be inserted into your body so that they can track you everywhere you go and switch you off if you are rude to them or don’t pay speeding fines and parking tickets you have disputed. They even wrote it in their Bibles 1600+ years ago…

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. – Revelation 13:16-17King James Version (KJV)

“The mark” is the microchip and the “number of his name” is your cell phone number – soon to simply be your microchip number in the Israeli / NSA / GCSB computer databases.

The woman claimed she was out of cell phone coverage when trying to do the transaction and that Co-operative Bank customer support had already closed so she was in effect not able nor permitted by Co-op Bank to access her own money and send just $50 to a friend who needed it that night. She said she had to drive 2 km down the road the next morning to phone customer support and sort things out.

“I ripped into Co-op customer support the next day cos I was still upset about not being able to send my own money to a friend in need. The girl in customer support rattled off the reasons they block certain transactions which were – 1) it was a new payee 2) a large sum 3) I had paid that person too many times in one day – NONE of which applied at all. So the bank can’t, or won’t even explain why they are blocking their own customers from doing transactions”

This is of course exactly how the ‘final solution’ of microchipping the Goy / cattle slaves will occur. The banks will simply restrict access to your money and any further transactions until you agree to be microchipped. In fact, you are already being forcibly ‘microchipped’ just with the example above. It is now apparently compulsory to have a cell phone and sim card microchip ‘in your hand’ if you want to be able to access your own money from the bank.

“I stopped the support girl a couple of times and said to her ‘ None of the reasons you just gave me for the transaction being disallowed actually apply here, so why the hell was it blocked’. They couldn’t even tell me. I mean it’s not the support girl’s fault, she was trying to do her job, but the bank she works for aren’t even teaching their support staff why they are blocking customers’ from making transactions. The poor girl ended up in tears because I was quite angry and was demanding an honest answer and not the b#$%%shit they are just told to say. Co-op bank are putting their own support staff in that position” she said.

Damn right they are and they will be microchipped soon also just like the rest of us.  They can hardly tell their staff “Hey, we are planning to microchip the human race like dogs, so we need you to lie to customers when they ring and tell them some rubbish reason why we are forcing them to use their cell phones” can they?

Just like the “war on terrorism” hoax run by Israel and its Jewish/ Sayanim / crisis actor spy network around the World, these foreign bankers bleat on about how it is all for our own “security” when quite clearly some simple questions could be used to identify you – not to mention you are already signed in with a password anyway. In fact our bank has been using simple questions as an identity check for many years and it works just fine. Forcing customers to verify transactions using their cell phones is about the microchip agenda and nothing more – the plan to microchip the Goy slaves like dogs so they can be traced, farmed and then switched off when no longer profitable. The microchips themselves are already being manufactured in the Israeli State by the Jewish Kushner family – Donald Trump’s handler in the Goldman Sachs run Whitehouse. And it seems as if Co-operative Bank in New Zealand are leading the charge. Rest assured the other foreign banks will soon follow suit, if they are not doing it already.

The woman also claims that Co-operative bank have since written to her with an unnamed letter and threatened to close her accounts for “some of the things [she] said” to the customer service representative. Well perhaps if Co-operative Bank were prepared to offer their customers an honest answer as to why they are blocking their transactions, then their staff would not be put in harm’s way as it were? The bank has apparently still not offered a logical reason why the transactions are being denied nor any apology for refusing to allow customers access to their own funds when needed. Very symptomatic to see the bank seemingly fail to take any responsibility and no doubt more staff members and customers will suffer as a result.

Media Whores did some quick checking up on Co-operative Bank also as we seem to recall their advertising suggesting they were somehow ‘owned by their members’ or some such. The name perhaps suggests that also. It seems that is a also a hoax however as their website explains they are owned by their shareholders, just the same as any other corporation or bank, and so rest assured they will be following (if not leading) the foreign bank agenda to microchip us all like dogs.


Image – Co-operative Bank governance, same as every other bank and corporation. HoaX hoaX hoaX.

This is how the microchip agenda will be played out, by the banks threatening to close your accounts if you do not play ball – or just ‘switch off your chip’ in effect.

And don’t think you will be running off to the Banking Ombudsman to complain if this happens – firstly you will too busy fighting for your life without access to any money, and secondly the so called Banking Ombudsman is funded and owned by the very same foreign banks and so do what they are told. This makes the banking industry the only industry in New Zealand that operates with no official Government oversight. They are the government after all – the bankers – they are above the law and so do as they please, much like the judiciary, MP’s and police that they also own and control. Chosen by the same lawless ‘God’.

What can you do? Refuse to let your bank make you verify transactions by cell phone. Phone customer support and complain – tell them you are happy to answer security questions but WILL NOT accept being chipped like a dog.

More on the agenda to microchip the Goy cattle slaves for the New World Order run from Israel and Switzerland…..

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