Santos Bonacci – God’s True Law v’s Modern Day (Fake) Science & the Coming Exodus


Man is the measure of the Universe – de Vinci

“Those who ‘believe’ that science evolves and changes – despite the fact that the seasons, nature and lights in the sky remain the same – are certified retards” – Media Whores.

“PHD is an acronym for Pedophile” – you guessed it, that’s one of ours also.


Congratulations – you have proven to us that you are retarded, now put this black 666 cube on your head and get to work for one of our corporations / death cult.


The World is currently run by left brain/ logic psychopaths who have become detached from their hearts and souls and are thus creating a World of very well organized Hell all around them. Factory farmed meat, pedophilia, pollution, inflation and war are the fruits of their psychosis and insistent ‘reasoning’.

Santos Bonacci is a World leader on the true nature of reality on this Plane-T and beyond, as documented and agreed upon in all of the great works on record. Caution on his frequent references to “the Jesuits” however, as he himself also states, this ‘agenda’ goes back at least 4000 years before “the Jesuits” came along. Not to defend the Jesuits who have clearly played their role as puppets of the true power which always uses the 666 symbolism – as Santos has also exposed many times in earlier work.

Bonacci explains the 666 freaks – now all over the Israeli/ Rothschild flag and that giant cube in the desert that ‘the club’ built in the 1920’s after invading Saudi Arabia…..

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