NZ Greens Announce New “Think Before You Breath” Carbon Policy for Election 2017


Featured Image – Green Carbon Breathing Management Spokes Liberal – Holy Farkenstein


As part of our coverage of the approaching Rothschild Elitecon 2017, Media Whores has secured an exclusive interview with the Greens new spokesthing on the environment and how best to use it to gang rape the public.

Holy Farkenstein took 20 minutes out of her hectic new age schedule to discuss how the Greens plan to snap up an election win this time around with some clever new approaches to managing our carbon emissions and the taxes we pay, or should be paying for our universal sin of breathing on plane-T earth.

Interview transcript begins:

MW “So Holy – you must be very proud to have been chosen for this important role by the Rothschild owned Corporate Greens. Why do you think you have been ‘chosen’?”

Farkenstein ” I think primary because my family are holocaust survivors and this makes me a natural born expert on the mass murder of sections of a society, or at least in telling those sorts of stories to the public. This is what we could be facing if Kiwis do not get behind the man made climate change taxes and other initiatives. My Grandmother had nails inserted into some of her orifices by the Nazis and my sister was turned into a human lamp shade. Due to both our family’s suffering and the collective suffering of the Jewish people going back thousands of years, it was agreed that I would be best skilled at portraying the importance of more taxes for the Rothschild owned and run Carbon Exchange Bank in Switzerland – a fine organization set up for the purposes of rescuing us all from potential carbon catastrophe.”

MW “Wow. I don’t suppose you have any photos of that lampshade at all – we have never seen one”

Holy Fark ” No – she is in storage currently as we are moving into a bigger house on the hill and she wouldn’t fit in the back of the Range Rover”.

MW ” That’s fine. How old was your sister during the Holocuast btw?”

HF “Did I say sister? Sorry I mean’t my Auntie but how about we stick to the topic please. I mean we don’t like to brag about it.”

MW “Sure. Can you tell us what sort of clever initiatives you and your team of highly trained liberals have come up with to save the human race from the same fate as the dinosaurs?”

HF ” Well essentially it will be more taxes. We have done great work so far in making the burning of wood in fireplaces illegal, which has not only reduced harmful carbon emissions but caused a boom in sales of cheap Chinese made plastic heaters as well as electricity sales for the Chinese owned power companies, not to mention a massive increase in vaccinations of the poorest brown and white children due to all the new condensation and dampness in their homes caused by these cheap plastic heaters. We are headed in the reich direction already but we think more taxes on these same working poor will help, plus we have one more ‘secret weapon’ policy which we plan to announce right now, via you guys, the Nation’s leading real fake news source”

MW ” Shucks. What is the policy”

HF ” The Greens, if Chosen by God, will be implementing a new education program in our schools, corporations and welfare centers called “Think Before you Breath”. Essentially what it does is teach people how to only breath out every second time. According to our team of experts based at Otago University, this will reduce the harmful emissions by the collective Nation by 40%”

MW “Don’t you mean 50%?”

HF ” I haven’t had time to go over the report in full but I can tell you that it cost the pubic $10 million and most of the team of 666 researchers have PHD’s and worked 33 hours per week for over 10 months to come up with that data, so to suggest it could be wrong would be foolish. We must as a Nation be very careful not to question the science – people who do so are refereed to as Climate Deniers and they are similar in nature to Holocaust Deniers – they clearly want to kill all of the Jews and would just love to see another Holocuast. It is our job to insure that doesn’t happen and taxation and indoctrination have always served us well in the past”.

MW “Hey, no arguments from us. And we agree with you that burning 6 million bodies again would be a carbon emission catastrophe on a huge scale would it not?”

HF “Yes it would. It would have taken the Nazis over 1200 years to burn that many bodies with the facilities it is claimed they had at the time and that is a catastrophic amount of carbon – so in logical terms, we are still burning them today really. There was also a report released a while back from some PHD students in the Holy Land which suggested that carbon from a Jewish body can burn up to 3 times brighter than a normal human being, so if you are going to burn bodies, Jews should be the last on the list”.

MW “Clearly. So the plan is essentially to teach the public to hold their breath more often?”

HF “Yes, on every second breath, don’t exhale. There will be no limit on the number of times you wish to inhale as more research needs to be done in that area. There is talk of a new microchip being designed in Israel which Governments can have inserted up the noses of their tax payers and it will regulate the breathing according to algorithms designed to regulate the optimal level of total carbon pollution per Goy. Sorry I mean, tax payer”.

MH “Exciting times. Just in terms of the Greens outstanding efforts to try and minimize loss of life in New Zealand due to all of these new threats that we collectively farce – from the man made war of terror to man made climate change and even Bill Gates’ new man made Zika virus – have you guys come up with any new policies on how we as a Nation might try to minimize the losses we are suffering right now from the likes of record teen suicide, record farmer suicides, record elderly abuse in ‘retirement’ homes, record meth addiction, record homelessness and the highest child abuse rates in the World? What some are starting to refer to as NZ’s very own private corporate / Rothschild run domestic holocaust?”

HF “Well it is very hard to tax these things and therefore very hard for a Government to solve the problem. Besides, our research shows that very few of the people suffering are even Jewish so it could be seen as racist to suggest policies that target only certain sections of a civil society. If anything we will be looking at ways to strengthen hate speech and antisemitism laws so that tax payers are not encouraged to drift off on those sorts of conspiracy theories – something we are planning to tax by the way.  Lets focus on what we are taxing right now.”

MW “Makes sense yes, political correctness before suicide as they say.”

Media Whores will be posting more exclusive interviews with our Chosen by God ‘leaders’ in the weeks to come as we build up to what already promises to be another exciting media driven gang rape of the public on behalf of Rothschild, his banks and corporations.  

(Yes, that was parody but rest assured, so will be the entire election. No bodies were burned in the production of this article – although we are keeping a very close eye on the gas cylinders strapped to the side of our building as well as the street path leading up to them – lest the violent Talmud worshiping pedophile ring that currently run our Nation, or the army of Freemasons that they mind control, decide to seek out Talmudic justice / just us for our blatant insulting of their “profit” $atan…. And if making light of burning bodies upsets you, perhaps you would consider joining Media Whores in our efforts to convince the NZ Government to stop supporting the use of white phosphorous chemical weapons on families in other Sovereign Nations? 

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