Is Graeme Wheeler the Biggest Child Abuser in New Zealand History?


Featured Image – Governor of the “RB”/ Rothschild Bank / Reserve Bank – Graeme Wheeler-  Specializes in looking like a harmless old man when he is in fact one of the top Rothschild agents of Talmudic Banking  in NZ and has overseen the record child abuse in New Zealand over the past years. 


Ask yourself – why can’t NZ issue its own Government bonds to build housing or look after its old properly? Simple – because our Nation is a slave to the pedophile Rothschild private banking network and they dictate that we must borrow their counterfeit money ONLY, and nothing else. Counterfeited money that they charge you interest for it should be noted, insuring a never ending cycle of poverty and economic musical chairs. This is NOT a sovereign Nation with these sick satanic fascists dictating how we manage the money supply in our own Nation.

Maybe also consider – why did Graeme Wheeler come out and raise deposit rates for Kiwi first home buyers during the height of the sell off of our housing stock to Chinese Communist Party fraudsters? Insuring more and more young Kiwis were kept out of the market.

The Rothschild Empire owns and controls the Central Banks in all but a few of the nations around the Plane-T.

They are known to be Talmudic Satanists who worship some kind of snake God, as on display in the symbol for money itself ie) $. The snake on the tree as described in the Bible. There is no “S” in the word money or dollar after all. It is $atan worship symbolism, money being the root of all evil after all.

The Talmud that these snakes worship also encourages and blesses murder, organ trafficking and even states that sex with children as young as 3 years old is ‘holy’. It is a fairly safe assumption that most of those who worship or follow the Talmud are indeed pedophiles and murderers themselves – their ‘God’ demands it.

This Rothschild private banking network has been counterfeiting money in the trillions in recent years as a means to help finance all of the wars in the Middle East for the so called ‘Greater Israel Project’ as laid out in the Yinon Plan – the plan to exterminate millions of Christians and Muslims across the Middle East for their ‘God’ (the snake/ Satan). This plan, although well under way in WWII under Hitler and the Nazis (Zionists),  was stepped up a notch or three when Israeli Mossad staged the 911 attacks and also by staging most if not all of the so called ‘terrorism’ we have all seen on our TV screens in recent years, almost all of which has featured both Talmudic and Jewish Sayanim spies and Masons posing as crisis actors, terrorists and victims.

The net result of all the trillions in new non asset backed money has been two fold. 1) to finance genocide and ethnic cleansing for the so called ‘Jewish State’ and 2) to help collapse Western Nations behind them in a Zimbabwean styled inflation cycle. When you print counterfeit money with no associated asset or real resource backing, nor any real increases in productivity, the net result is rampant inflation as demand far outstrips actual supply. This is exactly what we have seen in the NZ housing market. Printing money can lead to increases in productivity, but not when those same pedophile bankers have exported all of the production off shore already (ref, Free Trade Agreements, pushed upon us by the same pedophile bankers – you do not need a government endorsed ‘agreement’ to trade with other Nations, these agreements are designed to destroy sovereign economies not boost them).

We have indeed seen the net result of all of this money counterfeiting by these pedophile ring Talmudic bankers in recent years in NZ. The money printing was stepped up after the same serial child abusing bankers staged the “Global Financial Crisis’ in 2008 simply by removing large amounts of money from supply overnight which leads to a game of music chairs the very next day. These satanic pedophilia worshipers then came along with the solution (Problem, Reaction, Solution) which was to start counterfeiting trillions in counterfeit money to keep their pyramid scheme afloat. Since then Kiwis have seen their food prices triple, as well as a doubling in rental prices and power prices, to name a few. A loaf of bread was $2 before the GFC, milk was under $2 and honey was around $4 for 500 grams. Honey alone has now reached $12 for 500 grams, and that is just for the cheapest brands.

As the counterfeit money was pumped around the Rothschild/ Talmudic / Pedophile Ring banking network, International demand for premium products such as fresh food from NZ has skyrocketed, leading to the rampant food inflation prices we have witnessed (and aided by the ‘Free Trade’ Agreements). Many of the filthy rats that feed off the breast of this satanic Rothschild system of Global pedophilia also took their ill-gotten counterfeit corrupt money and ran to the safety of NZ shores, pushing the housing market up ‘through the roof’ and thus also rents. Obvious examples of these sorts of corrupt rats are Chinese Communist Party sell outs to Rothschild, entertainment bigwigs from the USA pedophile ring show biz industry and corporate whores from across Europe. Even our own sell out rats raced to cash in on the misery of renters, with even the Minister of Welfare (& associated child abuse) Paula Bennett now owning 6 properties. All of the MP’s have been in on the housing market action, all of them promised Platinum Cards and second and third mortgages by the Rothschild Pedophiles in exchange for selling out their own nation.  Sell out Rothschild whores and rats know no borders, or limits to their greed and depravity, and Talmudic endorsed pedophilia is where most of them end up, protected of course by the Talmudic NZ judiciary who give them all name suppression when needed. It has been claimed that at least 5 sitting MP’s in the current parliament have or had name suppression for child abuse crimes – these are the only type of people sick enough to do the treasonous job demanded of them.

The net result in NZ has been the highest child abuse rates in the western World as lower income families, including the working poor, have struggled with overpriced and substandard housing, an inability to afford real / healthy food for their families, nor able to even heat their homes properly. This is the direct cause of the record child abuse we have seen, along with new Soviet styled problems such as the new meth industry (alleged to be run by the judiciary, judges and ‘criminal’ lawyers/ BAR Association), bottle stores on every street corner in the WINZ / Paula Bennett funded suburbs, and even teen street prostitution. The State, including the pedophile minder  judiciary and MP’s love this of course as it simply means more parentless children for their welfare and adoption programs. Virgin blood is the real currency on which these Talmudic satanists feed after all – and always has been.

And sitting on top of this empire of homelessness, child abuse, parentless child trafficking, meth addiction and domestic violence is this sick old ‘satanic’ fart – Graeme Wheeler – Rothschild’s number one man in the slave state franchise called New Zealand. He should be arrested and put in a labour camp for the rest of his days with all of his assets seized in our opinion. Along with the rest of his ilk. Chuck half the rich list and editors at the NBR and business Herald in with him. At least they will be safely away from the children in our communities.

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler releasing the bank's financial viability report in Wellington. 7 November 2012 New Zealand Herald Photograph by Mark Mitchell NZH 08Nov12 - Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler says dairy sector debt grew rapidly to about $30 billion by 2009. Picture / Mark Mitchell

The problem could be easily solved of course, almost overnight, simply be removing income taxes under $100,000 and letting families work and earn, as well as small businesses grow and employ. Unfortunately, this Rothschild Talmudic Child Abuse Ring also controls all of the sick little pedophiles and puppets in Parliament and thus there are no real solutions being discussed. Most of them are pedophiles being bribed.

Legal – we have not said Wheeler is a Talmud worshiping pedophile – we have said the banking network he works for is – but we would certainly be arresting and investigating him non the less. 

Documenting the pedophiles who work for Rothschild and his Banks – the system is rotten to the very core……

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