Operation Talpiot ? Xero’s Rod Drury Named in the Justin Davis Files


Featured Image – Rod Drury of Xero – named in the Justin Davis Files. Could he be a Talmud worshiper? Note the logo – arguably a reference to the black hole Sun, Planet ‘X’ (Saturn), and the rings of Satan- the God of the snake cult Talmud followers. If you trust this guy with your financial data you need your head read in our humble opinion. 


Media Whores was interested to note Rod Drury’s name popping up a few times in the Justin Davis Files – the biggest leak of child trafficking and abuse allegations in New Zealand’s short history.

We will not repeat the allegations here as this overfed corporate bully is probably a bit heavy on the lawyers, not to mention access to IT skills (hackers), but readers are encouraged to search the Justin Davis PDF document for his name, just go Control F, then type in Xero or Drury or Dury (his name was misspelled a few times). Very interesting reading. The file also mentions his relationship with John Key, the ‘Jewish’ half wit who fled the Nation at the height of the Pizza Gate ‘elite’ child sex trafficking allegations, having already donated millions of tax payer money to the Clinton Foundation, said to be at the very core of International child sex trafficking.


Sir Kiddie Fiddler John ‘Jewish’ Key being shown around by Rod Drury of Xero fame

Rod Drury has apparently been ‘Chosen by God’ with his success in the online accounting industry – the means by which the digital New World Order run from Israel and Russia is able to spy on every industry in every country and best decide who to take down and who to promote under Rothschild’s wing. Clearly you need someone running this business who can be trusted.

Interesting to note Rod Drury has been a big supporter of Israeli / Jewish immigration into NZ – pushing job opportunities direct to Jewish immigrants, as opposed to say Kiwi job seekers for example.


One wonders how many of these new Jewish immigrants are Talmud worshipers – the guide book to pedophilia, war and conquest. As opposed of course to peaceful Torah respecting Jews.

Not that we are claiming Justin Davis is correct in his allegations, but we have seen other cases of high flying IT types implicated in ‘Pizza Gate’ styled scandals.

IT ‘investor’, businessmen and serial child abuser Peter Scully was protected in Zionist owned and controlled Australia for many years before finally being busted in the Philippines. Such people seem to have blanket protection in Nations run by the Zionist / Talmudic bankers. In fact they seem to be encouraged and promoted because they can be trusted to go along with the agenda – that agenda being the infiltration and espionage of our Nations and all of its industry via Mossad controlled spies and technology. Brendon O’Connell explains this best with his peace on Operation Talpiot below.

Legal – we have not quoted the allegations made by Justin Davis against Rod Drury – we have merely said that such allegations have been made. NZ enjoys freedom of speech and it is freedom of speech that will best protect the publics’ interests and safety of the Nation’s children. Any attack on that right will be severely defended, like a lion. 

Prime Minster John Key caught channeling millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to ‘ethically compromised’ Clinton Foundation



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