Growing Calls in New Zealand for a Military Coup Instead of an Election on 23rd September 2017


Featured Image – Metiria Turei – the latest self confessed ‘liberal’ fraudster and crook being exposed and then protected in this Rothschild Pimpocracy. The message is loud and clear from the Greens Co-conspirator and the alleged local park hooker turned Minister of Warfare, Pullya Benefit  – you could be a wealthy and successful female in NZ also if you just rip off WINZ for a few years. 


Please note – most of our articles hit 10,000 or more views within 7-10 days. The recent Paula Bennett article hit 70,000 in 7 days. That article was allowed to ‘run’ by the spies who hack this site from Israel and Russia – most likely because they decided to put a burn notice on Bennett for failing to act recently on gun control. The pedo ring shadow government which dress in their black Satanic robes is getting nervous – and so they should be. The point being – the views you see on these articles are hacked and wound back – rest assured that 10’s of thousands of other Kiwis are paying attention…..and have had enough of this private corporate Rothschild bank Fourth Reich Nazi/ Zionist fascism. 

Please also note that even ourselves, Media Whores are big fans of private corporate efficiencies and low (if any) taxes – but such a system MUST be accountable to the society it operates in  – otherwise it is simply a system of rape and plunder – and it is these global corporations that are bribing and controlling these perverts and criminals in Wellington who need to be bought to account. Doing so will allow NZ as a Nation to get rid of this politically correct Marxist / Communist styled socialism that these same corporations and bankers are forcing upon us to avoid being held accountable themselves. Time to call an end to this private corporate capitalism for the rich with communism for everyone else. 

“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. ” – Bible – they wrote their own script folks. Time to call it out. 


The entire system of NZ Government could be put on line within 4 weeks and for the grand cost of under $10,000 and then around $75 / month to run it all – and all of these criminal, pervert MP’s in Wellington FIRED and their BMW’s sold to help feed the homeless. Why wasn’t that done 20 years ago? The bankers gave you online banking instead folks. Because that is who runs this ‘show’ – a bunch of highly inbred, Babylonian Talmud worshiping ‘Satanic’ pedos, who have given themselves the right to spy on you and your children.

The foreign bank owned and controlled private corporate NZ Parliament is riddled with compromised perverts, child sex offenders, fraudsters, drug traffickers, drug addicts and criminals. It is in fact a pedophile ring by any serious analysis, matched only by the Viagra, coke and pedophilia addicted inbred rich lister families and individuals that sponsor them.

We see scandal after scandal from this inbred Rothschild banker controlled septic rat hole and over and over again we see them being protected by the corporate media, corrupt Talmudic ‘Just Us’ system and the army of corrupt serial child abusing Judges that have infested our once great Nation.

Lets recap on just a few of the scandals that spring to mind and make it more than clear that the NZ Government is the most corrupt organization in New Zealand, when it should in fact be held to the very highest standards.

  • Mike Sabin in charge of the ‘war on meth’, stands down under a cloud of name suppression, protected by the judiciary and then quietly disappears off the map (according to some teenage girls we spoke with at least)
  • Nick Smith – involved in the Civic Crache child sex abuse allegations cover up, yet to answer allegations he is running a child sex ring from his electorate office with a local Freemason by the name of Dan Dolejs
  • Bill English – said to be close friends with Nick Smith and hangs out with him in his spare time – do the math.
  • John Key – fled the Nation at the height of the Pizza Gate child sex trafficking allegations which implicated the Clinton Foundation he had recently donated millions of NZ tax payer funds to. Not to mention weeks after the unexplained and sudden death of Young Nat Sarah Higgins. Stephanie Key is crowd funding for her first porn movie and Max Key is posing half naked to promote his DJ’ing ‘career’ and his favorite song “Cut me another line”.
  • Winston Peters – alleged to be a career drug trafficker by NZ author Greg Hallett, groomed by Peter Williams QC, the real Mr Asia. Peter Williams/ Winston Peters – possibly another Rothschild inbred under a pseudonym. Yet to comment on the tonnes of meth washing up on his Northland district beaches.
  • Paula Bennett – deputy PM – alleged local park hooker and welfare fraudster who stole tax payer money to buy her first home and now runs the entire welfare (in fact communist warfare) system. Now owns 6 properties (unsure how many others she ‘stole’) while posing as a spokeswomen for the Rothschild Bank created housing crisis.
  • Metiria Turei  – now a self confessed welfare fraudster – only confessed due to rumours coming out from her old flat mates and Otago associates. Was quite happy to keep her theft from tax payers secret until now.
  • Up to 5 sitting MP’s claimed to have name suppression for child sex abuse crimes according to a post made by Whale Oil back in 2014 (since removed) when he was having a bad hair day and exposed his fellow Zionist creeps.
  • Judith/ Judice Collins – married into the Chinese Communist Party and more allegations against her than a rattle snake in a ballroom. Was in charge of police and the entire Talmudic justice system which specializes in covering up murders, protecting pedophiles and the meth trade, and very little else. Now in charge of “Ethic Communities” – God help them. Making sure the meth gets through most likely. Looks like she is off her face on high grade heroin most of the time in our opinion and should be drug tested immediately.
  • Annette King – alleged heroin trafficker
  • Christine Rankin – a previous Ministry of Social Welfare Queen and alleged to have started out as a BDSM hooker for Geoffry Palmer – on the fast track up. Should also be investigated for welfare fraud for working as a hooker while collecting the dole, same as Paula Bennett.
  • John Banks – Previous Mayor of Auckland City and Minister of Police, said to be one of the Nation’s highest ranking Freemasons and an alleged pedophile and meth trafficker.
  • Sian Elias – lets chuck in the Nation’s Chief Justice, alleged to be the Israeli State’s top Mossad spy in New Zealand, as well as an alleged contract killer, drug trafficker and married to an alleged serial child sex offender, Hugh Fletcher.
  • a handful of other MP’s who have been stood down or resigned before being pushed, from stealing perks to Todd Barclay’s recently leaked spying on girls on his electorate office.
  • Andrew Little – the so called ‘opposition’ leader prancing around taking photos of himself at ping pong games (another reference to the Pizza Gate child sex trafficking political elites). Check out that man’s eyes close up one day – he looks completely fried on new age whacko drugs. He should be drug tested immediately – as they all should.
  • the NZ judiciary whom we fund choosing to let 2nd and even 3rd offense pedophiles off without facing the full force of the law.

And that is just off the top of our head. Need we go on?

The Masonic Beehive is at best a Masonic mafia run corporate crime ring riddled with pedophiles, drug dealers, fraudsters, hookers and other criminals – all serving an unseen foreign power and shadow Government. That much is blatantly clear.

Not to mention the endless stream of United Nations/ Rockefeller/ Rothschild created policies being forced upon us that NOBODY ever voted for, in fact were never even announced as policies. Importing 1 million new immigrants in just 10 years being one obvious one – immigration needs to be agreed upon and managed, not handed down by ‘God’. It is a recolonization program these criminals are running by any serious analysis – killing off Kiwis as fast as they can then replacing them with more compliant, thankful welfare slaves, who will also become their next victims.

Houston – we have a problem!

They have all conspired to cover up the Israeli State’s involvement in the staged / false flag 911 attacks and all of the illegal wars and manufactured terror that has followed – the excuse used to spy on you,  your finances and your children. Anyone in parliament who has not spoken out about this and NZ’s involvement in these war crimes for the so called ‘Greater Israel Project’ is in fact a war criminal and should be put on trial as such. When did it become OK for NZ to support these illegal invasions and the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Christians and Muslims overseas?

Well, since the entire political system and mainstream media was purchased outright by Goldman Sachs and the Rothschild banksters, and then pedophiles hookers and fraudsters promoted into the very top positions of power.

You have no right to send young Kiwi soldiers to die overseas to support illegal wars for a foreign state – you filthy treasonous criminals.

We do not accept the normalization of pedophilia in our community. We do not accept our Government covering up its own serial child abuse problem. We do not accept MPs being protected for their alleged crimes. We do not accept seeing Kiwis freeze to death on the streets in winter. We do not accept Kiwi kids going hungry. And we do not accept the judiciary choosing to protect criminals and sex offenders simply because they have been ordered to a corrupt chief justice and the Israeli State she serves.

It is unacceptable Kiwis – where is our collective fkg pride? It is away with the fairies watching Sky/ Heaven TV sports and Holocaust documentaries. Its time to wake the fk up. We have our own Holocaust to deal with – right now, in 2017.

We now have the highest child abuse rates in the ‘developed’ World, the highest meth addiction rates, a generation of young Kiwi women becoming crack whores, record poverty, record inequality, homelessness and even teenage street prostitution for Christ’s sake. We are by all accounts becoming Third World. And the reason is the failure of this private corporate owned and run system of ‘liberal’ Government under MMP, that awards itself with ‘record profits’ year after year while enforcing communism and associated depravity on the rest of us.

It doesn’t even matter who you vote for – they pick and choose who will form the Government once the final count is in anyway and they all plan to put sodium fluoride (rat poison) in your water supply. And do you really think they are running these elections honestly? Not least when the Nation’s leading pollster is a Jewish Sayanim agent of the Israeli State who likes to dress up as a serial pedophile in his spare time (David Farrar)

Earth to Planet Kiwi – we have a problem!

This Nation was built on the back of around 20% net income taxes, we built the roads, the houses, the schools and hospitals some decades back while all getting along just fine and a more than adequate welfare system to boot – yet fast forward to this new ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ age and we all pay 60-70% net taxes (income, gst, acc, petrol taxes, rates, registrations, billions more in alcohol, gambling and tobacco taxes) and yet somehow it is not quite enough to fund the government and they have to sell off all of our assets as well as borrow billions more in counterfeited money every year from the same Rothschild owned and run criminal banking cartel that is destroying us. Foreign debt has gone from around $10 billion to $80 billion in just the past decade. And simply so that we can fund an out of control welfare system (which is now essentially a meth trafficking operation) and immigration levels that nobody even agreed upon. It is these same pedophiles that call you ‘racist’ for mentioning the immigration levels – and rest assured they are pedophiles being bribed – you will never hear them mention Israel’s Jewish marriage laws nor the fact Israel is yet to take in even one refugee from their very own wars. This is who they serve – and they are professional hypocrites, liars and deceivers.

Its a fkg joke Kiwis.

And it is time we all united and said – enough is enough. 90% of us are on the same page – and the other 10% are Masons, working for these corporations or mainstream media, or just kiddie fiddlers enjoying the protection this system offers them.

You have to be clinically retarded to even begin discussing which group of Rothschild owned and controlled pigs at the trough, pedophiles or fraudsters you think will best ‘lead’ us out of this communist / Soviet/ Bolshevik/ Marxist/ politically correct mess. They are ALL compromised and they are ALL professional liars.

Here are 5 basic demands on any so called ‘leader’ who wants to help New Zealand and its people and these should be the test questions for any of these filthy criminals before they even raise their hands or speak in public – Peters included, the filthy old fraudster.

  • take the toxic sodium fluoride out of the water
  • no food is sold offshore until EVERY Kiwi is fed – and sheltered. No exceptions.
  • wipe all income taxes on those who work for wages and salaries overnight. This will lead to a boom in productivity and wealth creation like this Nation has never seen before. This policy will start to replace the communist welfare system as those sitting around start to realise they get to keep what they earn. Anyone asking “what about the shortfall” is a certified Rothschild stooge or pedophile – the foreign banks ship $10 billion out of the Nation every year, so we can start with that for beginners. None of the Global corporations are paying barely any taxes at all, the same with most large NZ owned companies – those tax loop holes must be plugged immediately and their will be no shortfall. Let Kiwis work, feed their families and thrive as they were born to do.
  • the entire banking system must be overturned and reset. Who the hell said that NZ MUST borrow counterfeit / inflationary (and thus stolen) money form the criminal / pedophile supporting Rothschild family? Any and all sovereign nations has the lawful right to create and issue it’s own money and programs to issue Sovereign Government backed bonds to build housing, feed the elderly and poor and cover any short term welfare system payments can be put in place immediately until the new tax free economy is in full flight.
  • the filthy corrupt Judiciary must be put on notice – it is now a ONE STRIKE policy – if you refuse to uphold and enforce the laws of this land, as opposed to your ‘Satanic’ / Talmudic system of pedophilia – you lose your job immediately. Investigations will also be launched into every case of a NZ Judge failing to enforce the law of the land and those found to be guilty will be fired immediately and compensation from their own assets paid to their victims. (Shock horror – you are accountable also you sick old Satanic fks)

And that is just to get us all started. A couple of other obvious ones – any mining expert prepared to go down and try and bring back the bodies of the Pike 29 Masonic hit job will be supported by the new NZ Govt, 1080 will be banned immediately and those behind it investigated and possibly made to pay damages, and all historical (and current) accusations and claims of pedophilia and child abuse by Govt agencies will be investigated, not least the Justin Davis Files which exposes pedophile ring doctors, judges and MP’s still operating across the Nation. Child abuse is no longer accepted as ‘normal’ in OUR fkg Nation you demon infested freaks.

Good Kiwis – we have been slowly boiled in the pot after decades of this Soviet styled politically correct garbage – we are being not just wholesale raped but quietly mass murdered – and enough is enough. These communists that pose as liberals are turning an entire generation of young Kiwi women into hookers and crack whores – THEY ARE NOT LIBERAL – they are Bolshevik Terrorists.

We need another Rothschild / Zionist owned mainstream media run election like we need a hole in the head – or another free Meth & Cheap Plastic Trade Deal with the Rothschild owned and controlled Chinese Communist Party.

What we really need – and deserve – is a military coup – on September 23rd 2017, to round up these pedophiles and Masonic / Talmudic criminals in both our Councils and Government, as well as the judiciary, and put them all on criminal trial with a view to restoring law and order and sovereignty to our once peaceful and prosperous Nation. In doing so we will become a leader and beacon of hope to the rest of the free World – an inspiration – we have done it before – and no it does not mean winning some stupid meaningless corporate boat race or rugby game. It means a win for EVERYBODY – except the Rothschild sponsored whores, hookers, pimps, pedophiles and gangsters.

Life in NZ could be 50% better all round – for EVERYBODY – if we all unite to evict the 2 or 3% of filthy protected ‘elite’ criminals and the foreign banksters they serve.

Pass it one folks – fk your private corporate Elitecon – we are going to put you all in jail to await fair trials. And the lying fraudulent foreign bank owned mainstream media whores who have protected them also. Mike Hosking, Leighton Smith, Duncan Garner, Kim Blair, Willie Jackson, Jack Tame and Alison Mau  – your days are numbered you sick demonic / masonic treasonous sell out fks.

If you want to ‘win’ on election day 2017 – start preparing to round up these pimps, criminals and pedophiles – so we can restore pride, prosperity and Sovereignty to our land.

Good people in the NZ Police and Army along with the legions of legends & generally honest and good folk up and down the Nation (recent arrivals included – if you are already here legally you are welcome here – and encouraged to help clean things up)  need to come together and say enough is enough – we do not abuse our own children, we do not quietly murder the old and poor with Rothschild inflation, and we do not accept being sold off and gang raped by a small group of criminal pedophiles, drug traffickers and perverts in Wellington – all of whom are serving an overseas power and their interests not the NZ people’s. Its called treason and they must all be held accountable for it. This is the de jure ‘New World Order’ and its time has come – one run by free human beings, not Rothschild / Swiss/ Vatican banking rich lister pedophiles. Restoring law, order, prosperity and Sovereignty to the New Zealand we all love will be the result of the election day ‘win’. Historic -and something we can all be proud of for generations to come.

To those on pensions and welfare – yes, we have you covered – in fact we are coming to rescue you from slavery and servitude. Kiwis look after Kiwis, not the pedophile Rothschild bankers and their corporate puppets.

Pass it on.

If you haven’t watched the following videos you need to – and recommend them also – this is where we are at as a Nation and it is very sorry indeed 🙁

Ken O’Keefe calls for a military coup in the USA – by Brendon O’Connell 







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