Susan Devoy Urged to do More to End Jewish Child Sex Organ Mutilation in New Zealand


Featured ImageTaika Waititi Cohen – fruit loop – and the Jewish face of the NZ Government’s latest multi million dollar effort to promote racism. But could he be convinced to do another campaign to help ban Jewish child sex genital mutilation in our society?



(after this estimated $10 million tax payer dollar campaign promoting racism)

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Oh he is Jewish is he? What a master stroke. This is the perfect example of how the shadow Government works in NZ- the real men behind the curtain on display right here – spending an estimated $10 million of tax payer money without our consent to promote racism to the swaths of mindless, TV hypnotized, govt education indoctrinated  liberals who need to be fed some cause in order to justify their ongoing mindlessness and associated Government funding.

If you are born to a Jewish mother, you are considered Jewish (it is apparently no longer a religion) and there is a very good chance that your career will boom in New Zealand, if not end up on the rich list as a result (statistically speaking). Taika is statistically speaking over 10,000,000 % more likely than his fellow part Maori to become the CEO of a large Global Corporate, 10,000% more likely to be on the NZ rich list, 20,000% less likely to go to jail in NZ, over 1000% more likely to become a NZ MP, and around 10,000% more likely to have a successful career in the arts even if he has no talent – all  thanks to his Jewish heritage (give or take a zero) – source.

Being part of what is statistically the most privileged ‘race’ on Earth, it makes perfect sense for him therefore to front the ‘NZ’ Government’s biggest ever investment in the “racism” industry in recent times.

Despite the obvious question, or the elephant in the room if you will – if you wanted to “Give Nothing to racism” – why would you spend $10 million plus of tax payer money promoting it on TV?

Here is how it works – if you see things in terms of race – you are a racist. Or arguably you have just figured out that the wrong people were blamed for the 9-11 attacks , and the millions who have been slaughtered in the illegal wars since. Those who have figured out that ISIS is actually Israeli could possibly also be forgiven for being a little upset, given that is the excuse being used to spy on our families, income and business activity across the West these days. And white folk who are constantly being blamed for what was mostly a Jewish owned and run slave industry in early centuries could possibly also be forgiven for being a bit racist. Possibly also the 110 million people said to have been exterminated under what were Jewish run communist Government’s around the World could also be a bit upset – the list goes on, but we digress.

The mainstream media and MP’s discuss racism all day long, making them the biggest racists in New Zealand, followed closely by Willie Jackson of Media Works XXX/666 shame who also discusses it everyday, in fact has made a career out of it and oddly enough also claims to be Jewish (based on a recent DNA test, anyone with any sense knows are faked, based on make believe science and used as a tool to cover up shadow Government murders such as in the Bain trial).

Isn’t it odd that the two biggest voices of the racism industry in New Zealand are actually Jewish – or claim to be at least.

Then there is Susan Devoy who is also now making a living out of the NZ Government’s racism industry. Could she be Jewish as well? She certainly shows up at all the usual Holocaust Industry events, although not so many of the events held to try and stop the holocaust NZ is currently experiencing – such as record teen suicide, record farmer suicides, record elderly abuse, record meth addiction and record teenage street prostitution. The alleged suffering of the Jewish people in WWII far outstrips the suffering of Kiwis today under this Rothschild banking controlled corporate Fourth Reich we are living through – property prices are booming after all.

In fact how about banning all forms of Holy-Cause worship and a tax payer funded  “Give Nothing to the Jewish Holocaust” campaign until we stop killing children and the record teenage suicide rates in New Zealand? Or would that be deemed a bit racist?

Could it be that the 3 biggest voices of the racism business in New Zealand are actually Jewish? We would put money on it. It is a business after all and their is money to be made. In fact the NZ Government just spent $10 million on it and Taiki Cohen certainly got his cut. In fact we heard through the grapevine that he was out with his mates getting wasted the weekend after filming his racism agenda, bragging about how easy the money was, but admittedly that was second hand information and we pride ourselves on having accurate sources – as well as our political correctness (we try to insult everyone equally).

Anyway – back on topic……

Is it time for a State/ Satan backed campaign to end Jewish Child Genital Mutilation? Funded by you the tax payer of course – and could Taiki Cohen be convinced to front it?

It could be argued that compulsory Jewish child sex organ mutilation – more commonly refereed to as circumcision – is the very root cause of most of the aggression, perversion, child abuse and even racism that we see today. Putting an end to it could just be the solution to whole swath of ills we see in our modern day liberal corporate Fourth Reich society.

This is based on ‘circumstantial’ evidence Media Whores has collated – but let’s take a closer look and readers can decide for themselves.

First – here is a video of a Jewish Rabbi cutting the end off a young Jewish baby, then sucking the “virgin” blood from his genitals – like a vampire some might say. Some young Jewish children have contracted herpes from this practice recently and there have been calls by others to end this barbaric practice:

Clearly this is child abuse, but what are the implications for the traumatized child? Could it lead to a lifetime of MK Ultra styled mind control? Or possibly even feelings of pain, guilt and shame whenever anything involving their genitals comes into ‘play’? Is it possible it makes them perverted later in life? Or perhaps even fearful and greedy and full of a self loathing or hatred for others ? Does it cause a life time of inferiority complex, sexual perversion and violence ? Surely it can’t be healthy?

Why in this day and age are we allowing these ‘high priests’ to violently mutilate the genitals of babies and then drink their blood? And if these people are really priests of ‘God’, why are they not respecting God’s original design? Is it somehow flawed? Seems a bit more like ‘anti christ’ than anything to do with God.

There are even charities that operate in NZ who campaign on ending genital mutilation of Muslim girls in Africa – while the Jews do it to 100’s of kids every month here in New Zealand. Although it could be deemed a bit racist to point that out (we will check with Kathryn Ryan and Gayon Espionage). 

We could also note that there is NO “Christian” tradition of cutting off the ends of little babies nobs – it is a Talmudic Jewish tradition. Check your Bibles for the bit where it says “Though shalt cut off the end of your children’s nobs – for God”. Its Saturn’s ‘ring’ you fools, and pure Satanism the Christians who do it are engaging in.

Media Whores thought we would look at and / or ask some other high profile people for their input, as high profile types are often the best way to push an important social topic…..

eric-watson-nzh (1)

Eric Watson – some say chosen by God, helped lose over $450 million of Kiwi savings before fleeing the Nation for a few years then returning to help demoralize Warriors fans across NZ and South Auckland, one of the biggest meth distribution areas in the Nation. Still referring to himself as an entrepreneur, but one wonders how he makes any money?  Unfortunately Eric was unavailable when we reached out for his comments, as this would be Media Whore’s first choice for the public voice on ending Jewish child sex organ mutilation. 


TVNZ’s Greg Boyed – clearly has very public issues with his genitals – has he suffered also? Greg would make an excellent spokesman on this issue. 


John Campbell – has covered up Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks and war of terror resulting in the mass murder of millions of innocent people for the Greater Israel Project/ Yinon Plan – simply so he can continue to look good on TV while posing as some kind of Saviour of the down trodden – a perfect candidate for the campaign to end male genital mutilation. 

Duncan Garner - covers up more pedophilia for Govt than the Roman Catholic Church

Duncan Garner – has covered up more child sex abuse scandals than the new Jewish controlled Roman Catholic Church (ok, slight exaggeration) all while posing as a family man. Also known to be on various adult dating websites and Apps – could this corporate creep be convinced? 


David Farrar – the  homosexual Jewish man responsible for John Key’s unbelievably high polling numbers over the years (before he finally fled the Nation during the Pizza Gate child sex trafficking leak). David is pictured here dressed as Jimmy Savile, the UK’s (if not the World’s) worst ever serial child sex offender and necrophiliac. Could David Farrar have been a Jewish child sex organ mutilation victim and has this effected him later in life? Interesting to note “David” is a Hebrew reference to Satan and Farrar sounds a bit like Pharaoh – Satan’s Pharaoh – they are famous for making up names this lot.  

Cameron Slater 666

Cameron Slater – ran off to Israel when an email thread was leaked during Dirty Politics in which he stated he wanted to dress up in a monkey suit to try and have a three some with drunk female ‘Young’ Nats who “flip it up”. Clearly a pervert, but could he be another victim of Jewish child genital mutilation?

Sir Kiddie Fiddler 666

Sir Kiddie Fiddler John Key – also Jewish and possibly most famous for his ‘passion’ for feeling up young people’s ponytails. Fled the Nation at the height of the Pizza gate child sex trafficking scandal after it was revealed he had donated millions of NZ tax payer money to the Clinton Foundation, now alleged to be a large part of International child sex trafficking rings. Key’s daughter Stephanie Key is now crowd funding her very first adult movie and Max Key his Son is posting half naked photos of himself all over the internet. Could this entire family be victims of Jewish child sex organ mutilation?


Lord Brittanalso Jewish – and one of the monsters behind the Westminster ‘British’ elite child sex ring. Was a regular guest at child sex brothels where it is alleged that hundreds of young boys where raped and even murdered – along with Cliff Richard (also Jewish) it could be added. Could he have been a Jewish child sex organ mutilation victim also? 


Donald Trump – with his daughter whom he has said has a hot body and he would like to have sex with. Real name Drumpf, said to be from a Jewish/ German family. Refuses to release his tax returns, some say due to numerous child and sex abuse settlements which sank his paper thin empire on more than one occasion. Could he also be suffering from Jewish child sex organ mutilation?  


Vladimir Putin – the Jewish leader of the ‘new lies for old’ Soviet Russian Nation – said to be a mass murderer and also to stop randomly on the street to kiss little boy’s naked stomachs. Could he also be a Jewish child sex organ mutilation victim? 

And how about the massive number of claims by Kiwis that were abused as kids in NZ Government care – and those still being abused today under the new Ministry for ‘Vulnerable’ Children? Could they have all in effect been victims of Jewish child sex organ mutilation? Molested by men still suffering from their own abuse as kids? Could it be a vicious cycle of child abuse, caused by child abuse? Would make sense.

And could our very own Susan Devoid perhaps be convinced to take a few days out of her busy Holocaust remembrance diary to take on this issue and work towards a child abuse and Jewish child genital mutilation free New Zealand? Could Taika Waititi Cohen also be persuaded to join in if the govt chucked him another few thousand dollars, and could he have been a victim of this sort of practice also?

One thing is for sure and that is that Media Whores does not shy away from asking these tough questions and we encourage other Kiwis to get behind our calls for Susan Devoy to do more to end Jewish Child Sex Organ Mutilation in our communities.

Why in this day and age are we allowing people to cut off the ends of their children’s penises – in the name of ‘God’? And what are the implications in life for those put through that trauma?

Will you take up the challenge and help #EndJewishChildGenitalMutilationNZ ?









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