BREAKING – Stephen Hawking “New Zealand will be the first to go to Mars”


Featured Image – space expert, Stephen Hawking, announces New Zealand will be the first to land on Mars.


In breaking news this morning, Stephen Hawking, the face of academia, modern day science, PHD’s, NASA, Government, mainstream corporate media, and Galactic Travel, has announced that New Zealand will be the very first Nation to land on planet Mars.

At least we are pretty sure that is what he said.

His full on line video statement below – followed by our interpretation of the interview below the video:

Will NZ be the first nation to land on Mars?


Legal Disclaimer – at 8m 50 s into this video – Hawking appears to state that the World could end in a “big bang” if it “collapses into a big c#nt” – please note that nobody will be going to Mars if we all collapse into a “big c%nt”. Readers are advised to keep an eye on recent social welfare scandals, as well as Gareth Morgan’s plan for Universal Communism, when all we really need to do is remove ALL income taxes of those who work. 

Full Transcript (we think):

Hawking ” You people are all retarded. Your TV sets and Government have made you retarded. Every single Rothschild owned, bribed and controlled politician is going to continue to put sodium fluoride in your water – which makes you retarded. They are all going to drop 1080 on you and your water supply and if you think that is to ‘save the birds’ you are really retarded. No one is going to fkg Mars you retards. Mars is a ball of light in the sky, a few thousand miles up, in the Dome. Yes, it is a Dome up there not fkg ‘space’. There are no such things as ‘Satellites’, NASA flies the odd drone across the sky at high altitude, lit up with flood lights so you can all see it at night and go to sleep safe in the knowledge that that fancy dish strapped to the side of your house that you paid for is actually doing something – it is not. If anything it is beaming in high frequency radio waves from HAARP designed to fry you and your children’s brains while you sleep at night. Satellite TV is just another form of radio wave and it is terrestrial, same as radio always was, and still is. Signals sent from a network of aerials here on Earth and up on the Antarctic ice shelf which surrounds you. You have all become fkg retarded from sitting in front of those boxes in your living rooms watching absolute bullshit, while chomping down poisonous processed snack foods designed to further dumb you down and make you retarded. You are living under 100% Masonic Mind Control and can’t even figure out what the words you use mean – it is NOT an Election, it is an Elite Con – almost everyone you see on your TV screen is a sexual deviant of some description, drug addicts and /or child abusers with name suppression. And almost all of the politicians are sexually compromised in some way, mostly involving kids, and are all being bribed and controlled by both the Judiciary and the Jewish Sayanim network that operates in NZ for their Israeli / Rothschild central command. It is a military operation – of mind control. Almost all of them are Masonic kiddie fiddlers. They are only there to lie to you and steal your money – all of them. If you actually vote for any of these criminals and retards, well, you guessed it, you are clinically retarded. They own and control the blogs, the judiciary, the media, the corporations, and they own your silly retarded asses purely due to your collective stupidity. And how the hell can a piece of land go to fkg Mars? God help the lot of you”.


Although arguably a little bit politically incorrect. Rest assured, complaints have already been filed with Susan Devoy and the appropriate Government authorities. The same ones that fund the Rocketlab retards who think they are going into ‘space’.

Rat spotted on Mars? Could it be an ancestor of Winston Peters? 


#TheyLive folks – and they are on your TV screens everyday, and dressed up as politicians also…It is a military run mind control operation designed to enslave you so you can be slowly taxed then murdered by the medi-sin industry & Rothschild owned and run hospitals. 


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