Universal Basic Income – is the Jew Trying to Mass Murder Everyone – Again?


Featured Image – more Jewish billionaires telling everyone else they should be on a Universal Basic Income – the end goal of Universal (Global) Communism is in sight. Silicon Valley social engineers: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen


“The idea of a universal basic income — monthly cash payments from the government to every individual, working or not, with no strings attached — is gaining traction, thanks in part to endorsements from Silicon Valley celebs.” – SF Chronicle 

Yeah – no strings to your body bag.

It has often been said that the Jew specialises in deceit, trickery and lies – JC said it in the Bible for one, and swaths of powerful famous ‘Goy’ have said it over the years also. You can only get so high before you start to see the structure around you.

History is constantly being rewritten and covered up, but if you do some research you will find numerous citations that Jewish led communist regimes around the World have been responsible for over 110 million deaths of the citizens within those regimes. Most of them were slowly starved to death, many through preventable diseases and many more just rounded up and shot in front of trenches. According to numerous references, a few of which we will post below.

The West is already suffering something of a holocaust at present as this ‘chosen by God’ billionaire class – almost all of whom seem to claim to be ‘Jewish’ – wrap their tentacles around the new open and ‘free’ global economy. With the local domestic Governments all firmly under their control thanks to the likes of Jewish owned Goldman Sachs and other Rothschild controlled bankers. It is still being painted up as ‘free market capitalism’ but it is anything but. It is global corporate Government run by an ‘elite’ chosen (and some argue highly inbred) few, with never ending record tax free profits for them, then communism, taxes, welfare and meth for everybody else.

What we are already witnessing as a result of this strain of fascism – or what Media Whores refers to as the “Fourth Reich”  (the Nazis were the same Zionists as far as we can tell), is record inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, suicide and on and on. Yet it seems these politically correct ‘elites’ are only just warming up.

Media Whores has reported already on so called Operation Talpiot in which pedophile politicians across the West have allegedly been bribed by the Jewish Sayanim spy networks operating in their Nations into handing most important IT projects over to Israeli and Jewish run IT companies. The result of this is what is termed “kill switches” on most if not all of our infrastructure and important IT systems. The electricity grids is one obvious example, as is the police 111 system which some may recall went down at precisely midnight recently, apparently as some kind of kill switch test, or even a warning to our politicians perhaps. Nova Pay (No Pay in Phoenician) possibly another one, designed to silence teachers across the Nation as Key and his fellow army of Zionists stormed our borders and into the Auckland housing market. Most people are now aware that this was how the Israelis carried out the Fukashima attack on Japan. Large explosive devices were planted in the ‘security cameras’ on the roofs of the reactors and then detonated. Much like how the elevator shafts of the World Trade Centre buildings were rigged with nano thermite in the weeks leading up to the Israeli staged 911 attacks.

And as these Talmudic terrorists wrap their tentacles further and further around our infrastructure, politics and industry, we see them start to come forward with their end game, or ‘final solution’ if you will, of eventually bankrupting the entire West and putting everyone on the dole. Just as they did in the Jewish run Soviet regimes. According to historical reports, what then happened was the massive State run system (this time around a massive corporate AND state run system) was then slowly but steadily collapsed and the populations of those Nations starved to death without electricity in the middle of cold Northern winters.

This used to be taught in all schools across the West if you go back a few decades, but now they tend to teach kids about man made climate change and the holocaust instead, slowly but deliberately preparing a generation across the West to be unprepared for the next big cull – or harvest season in terms of Theology/ Astrology – $aturn and his famed $ickle, the God of these people according to some experts.

Little red logos and yellow communist stars are starting to pop up all around the trendy / well to do areas of the Nation as these freaks (the communists) slowly prepare for their end game. Such symbols used to be a statement about mass murder and death, now they are seen as somehow cool by the trendy ‘educated’ liberals who all believe that the World is now overpopulated (the entire 7.2 billion population of the World could be housed in New Zealand alone if ever needed) and that carbon (the very thing they are made up of) is going to kill them all.

Its a death cult.


City Works Depot Auckland – raising the Communist Star over Les Mills and Auckland City. No prizes for guessing who is making all of the money in Auckland property developments these days. 

An effort needs to be made to remind Kiwis where these symbols come from and the history of these types of people and their Communists movements – as the plan being put in place is clearly the same as the old pig with some new age iPhone Apps painted on it.

New Zealand must reject these growing calls for the communist Jews’ universal basic slavery and poverty – designed to mass murder the populace by any reasonable analysis, if you go by historical accounts at least, and even what we are seeing happen already. Gareth Morgan of The ‘Opportunities’ Party (TOP) and the Rothschild owned Green Party seem to be leading the charge in New Zealand.

The real solution is to remove all income taxes and let people work, and small business employ.

First they create the problem, then they offer up their ‘final solution’ – a free train ride to a universal basic poverty, run by overseas based tech giants is the plan by these psychopaths.


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