Zionist/ Jewish Infiltration of New Zealand


We have posted this video numerous times, but wanted to get the article heading floating around the inter web for search results

If you haven’t seen it you need to. An excellent summary of how the ‘Zionists’ have invaded the Western Nations and are slowly strangling our economies to death by bribing pedophiles and drug addicts into all top positions of power. Couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Zionist/ Jewish Infiltration of Australia (and New Zealand) – aided by their army of Freemason / Goy mind control victims – by Brendon O’Connell. Brendon spent 3 years in jail for telling a homosexual Jewish street worker, Stanley Keyser, that he was part of a “racist death cult” when he caught Keyser spying on him and unlawfully taking his photo on the streets of Perth, Western Australia


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