Exclusive – Winston Peters Ties to Alleged International Drug Trafficking Rings


Featured Image – Winston Peters, one of the longest surviving rats in the Masonic crime ring we call the Beehive. Said to be worth well over $50 million – but how exactly did he earn it?


“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” ― Benjamin Disraeli

“Its one big club and you aint in it” – George Carlin


The Beehive is a well known symbol of Freemasonry. Masons practice Talmud Light – for the Goy. Although admittedly not many of them have figured that out. 


Here is what the Jewish owned corporate media and various Jewish ‘Sayanim’ (foreign spies posing as loyal Kiwis) bloggers such as David Farrar, Martin Bradbury & Cameron Slater will not tell you about Winston Peters……

Winston Peters works for Rothschild and the Jewish Masonic Mafia – period. Anyone worth over 10 -20 million and certainly anyone who has been in our Rothschild/ Reserve Bank owned and controlled parliament for longer than one term, is beholden to Rothschild and his banks – whether they are aware of it or not. If he didn’t work for Rothschild, he would be campaigning on the back of removing all income taxes on working Kiwis, the real solution to our current communist woes – woes designed by Rothschild whose goal is global communism and one World Government run from Israel by a handful of ‘free market’ Jewish elites and their computer servers.  A system being put in place by bribing and controlling perverts, sex offenders, drug addicts ….and drug traffickers into top positions of power around the West. People who can be relied upon. That’s how a mafia works.

Clearly you have to be clinically insane to actually vote for any of these lunatics – but a consistent diet of sodium fluoride in the water, sulphites in the wine, female growth hormones in the beers, biochemicals weapons in the food supply, factory farmed animals and Sky TV insures a win for Rothschild in every election. Like a horde of desperate zombies feeding off their own feces.

In fact Peter’s even fired a NZ First candidate a couple years back who started talking about the Rothschild/ Reserve Bank in public – a female Pacific Islander and NZ First candidate. The subject is taboo. You get a handful of colours to choose from each election/ elite-con – just like the Super 15 competition – and then you are ceremoniously gang raped for the next 3 years. They all work for the Rothschild money mafia men.

Ron Mark was another NZ First candidate who was getting a bit vocal recently – he has now gone quiet. A little bird told us how that was achieved and those who read this website can guess the rest. They are all compromised in some way or they are not in the ‘game’ we refer to as ‘democracy’.

So just how compromised is Winston Peters?

Media Whores can’t recall who told us that Winston Peters was worth an estimated $50 million. It was a few years back and actually the figure was $55 million. This was before the Auckland housing market boom at which time his St Mary’s Bay home was increasing in value as much as $2000 every day, so one would presume he is worth a lot more now days. Being worth $50 million is not an ‘accusation’ of course and nothing to be ashamed of without due cause, but Peters could clear up any such questions simply by providing voters with details of his assets, properties,  and investments. And cash. And cash assets. Jewelery, Tailored Suits. And ounces.

One suspects he wouldn’t wish to however.

If that figure is accurate, or even close to accurate, the obvious question would be how does a man on a Government / MP salary for most of his life accumulate such wealth?

Well perhaps New Zealand author Greg Hallett has the answer.

Hallett has quite recently disclosed that Winston Peters used to share a legal practice in Tauranga with Peter Williams QC, the alleged real Mr Asia Heroin Trafficking king pin. And according to the quote from Hallett, they didn’t practice law, they practiced heroin trafficking.

Greg Hallett’s full quote from Facebook here:

“Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.”


Winston Peters and his then QC, Peter Williams fight allegations of serious fraud over illegal campaign donations implicating ‘Sir’ Owen Glenn, the Global freight magnate. What kind of freight one wonders??


A terminally ill Peter Williams knighted by the biggest heroin trafficking organization in history, the Rothschild owned British Crown. How many Zionist swastikas can you count in this image? Or how many heroin traffickers might be a better question? The ‘woman’ on his left/ your right is Lady Heeni Williams. Pictures of Winston Peters who also attended this apparent scene out of the God Father seem to have been quietly removed from the internet. They have bigger plans for Peter’s after all so best he is not implicated in any possible real  ‘fake news’. He is their ‘Trump’ card after all and can certainly be relied upon.  

It is a little known fact that the  fall guy / patsy for the Mr Asia International heroin trafficking syndicate – Terry Clark – was first arrested at a NZ airport in the possession of a large amount of heroin and accompanied by a girl who was working as a legal clerk at the time in the offices of then criminal lawyer Peter Williams.

It was Peter Williams the lawyer who then represented Terry Clark, helping him escape a lengthy prison sentence so he could go on to help run tones of heroin for the Mr Asia drug cartel, leaving a trail of dead bodies and ruined lives in his wake.

Those facts were somehow missed out by the trendy Mr Asia TV series, financed and produced by the ‘Jewish’ owned and controlled Aussie media   . Everything you see on your tell-a-lie-vision is a Masonic mind control operation after all – straight out of Tel Aviv.

These days of course, the drug of choice for the International drug trafficking cartels seems to be meth or P.

The New Zealand judiciary, bar association of ‘criminal’ lawyers like Peter Williams and the New Zealand police have done stellar work over the past couple of decades removing the relatively harmless marijuana off the streets and replacing it with meth. There is now a WINZ sponsored meth dealing house in almost every neighborhood around New Zealand, with 4 or 5 of them in most suburbs  of Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland. Meth makes sure the police are all kept busy over the weekends, the courts are all full on Mondays, and the Serco owned private prisons full to the brim – not to mention a never ending supply of work for WINZ and the Zionist Government’s new Ministry of/for “Vulnerable” Children, the State’s new child trafficking operation by any serious analysis.

Interestingly enough, Winston Peters was very quiet when the biggest meth haul in NZ history washed up on the beaches of his new Northland electorate recently. No comment at all as far as we are aware, with some saying he was off sailing around the bays in his luxury yacht at the time. Peter Williams had a nice luxury yacht also of course, as did Ed Leary, the other criminal lawyer implicated in the Mr Asia heroin ring. As does Paul Henry it could be noted, also pictured at Peter Williams funeral and defending him all the time on his radio/TV shows.

These are the ‘Rabbis’ of the Talmudic/ Zionist ‘Just Us’ system New Zealand is now under. Bar Association being a clever reference to Rabbi in Hebrew which is read backwards. Talmudic Law gives them the right to steal from you, poison you, even take your liver and rape your kids and the Talmudic NZ Judiciary in their black satanic robes will give them a free pass. Nothing has given this so called ‘Synagogue of Satan’ crime ring more access to Kiwi children and teens than their new meth industry, with the exception perhaps of the heroin trafficking industry.

Winston Peters has of course been a very out spoken critic of the marijuana industry. Marijuana being the single biggest threat to the illicit trade in hard drugs, as people tend to just prefer to smoke the relatively harmless dope if given the chance. For the new meth trade to be a success, marijuana had to be taken off the streets first, thus explaining the government’s war on the stuff in recent years, laying the foundation for their new meth trade.

“The misleading rantings of pro cannabis MP Nandor Tanczos were today relegated to the rubbish bin for all time,” said New Zealand First Leader, Rt Hon Winston Peters MP. – Scoop

Also of interest are claims that vehicle license plate numbers from a well known Indian restaurant chain were spotted at the scene of the $450 million Northland meth haul. A chain that has had other legal troubles of late it could be noted. We went looking for any ties between Peters’ and /or NZ First and Indian restaurant chains and found this story about Peters’ being handed over thousands of dollars by wealthy Indian ‘businessman’ Roshan Nauhria at evening meetings at Indian Gate restaurant. You couldn’t make this shit up could you?

As a side note, any foreign or dual citizenship national handing thousands of dollars over to our politicians at late night dinner meetings should be investigated and ideally deported anyway, starting with this Roshan Nauhria.

Roshan Nauhria-winston-peters

Indian ‘businessman’ Roshan Nauhria – you are on formal notice. 

Another side note of interest is the book written by NZ cover up specialist (our opinion) Ian Wishart which painted Peters up as an innocent sort of small town Kiwi boy. Wishart according to our research seems to specialise in confusing facts to help cover up murders for the shadow Government, not least in the Scott Watson murder case. Justin Davis has also alleged that Wishart is part of the “club”.

Some of the more keen eyes around the place are also starting to pick up on the very odd use of names among this club. Wishart obviously sells dreams to the public, Winston Peters was apparently ‘groomed’ by Peter Williams (almost the same name backwards/ in Hebrew), Duncan Garner helps bring in the public for ‘debate’, Gayon Espionage backs everything up, Sian Elias the chief Justice is possibly using an alias and had very close ties to Peter Williams the alleged Mr Asia, John Key opened up NZ for mass Zionist infiltration, Metiria Turei is clearly a very material tamaiti in stealing tax payer money to feed a fashion addiction, Simon Bridges builds bridges,   Al Gore sells the man made climate change allegory (hoax), ‘Terry’ May is a man and Brexit  is now on a May Day alert, and Donald Trump is quite obviously the Jewish/ Zionist New World Order Trump card (real name Drumpf).

Could they all be Rothschild inbreds – chosen by ‘God’ to help bring in the digital New World Order run from Israel?

All the World is a stage after all – and Kiwis would be well advised to keep that in mind before casting a vote for any of these ‘potential leaders’.

eric-watson-nzh (1)

Media Whores tried to contact Owen Glenn’s business partner – failed businessman Eric Watson – for comment also, but couldn’t get through. Having ‘lost’ $450 million of Kiwis’ retirement savings, Watson now appears to be making money pushing dangerous toxins (such as Woodstock, KFC, MacDonalds and Burger King) on the South Auckland populace.

Legal Disclaimer – we cannot verify if Greg Hallett’s allegations are true or not, as he was chased out of New Zealand after a few assassination attempts he claims came from the orders of the chief justice and alleged Mossad queen, Sian Elias and before a trial could take place. We do however encourage people to ask serious questions of their saviors.


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