Petition Launched to Have Chief Justice Sian Elias Arrested & Charged with Treason, Murder & Attempted Murder


Featured Image – chief ‘Justice’ Sian Elias. Looks like a harmless little old man dressed up as a woman – but could it be running the Jewish mafia in NZ? Is it a dual Israeli citizen also? A fish rots from the head down and this is the alleged head of the snake. Sian Elias is arguably the biggest domestic terrorist in New Zealand today. 


A new online petition has been launched to have New Zealand’s ‘chief justice’ arrested and charged with treason, the murder of historian Michael King and the attempted murder of NZ author Greg Hallett.

She also stands accused of involvement in heroin and meth trafficking in New Zealand as well as child sex trafficking via the Family Court and other Government departments. Not to mention accused of being married to a serial child abuser – Hugh Fletcher.


Hugh Fletcher – apparently tries to avoid side profile photos. 

Sian Elias is also accused of being the top “Sayanim” Israeli spy in our Nation, tasked with destroying New Zealand from within.

Surely such claims warrant an investigation in the least?

Please sign the petition to have Sian Elias investigated:

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