Sovereignty, the Legal Name & Common Law


“Before we proceed any further Sir – could I please ask that you identify yourself for the public record? And perhaps you could explain why you are dressed up like some kind of lunatic pervert in the park with those black gowns? Also that oath that you swear, please confirm it for the public record, and explain to us exactly who is this God you work for and what laws are you enforcing on his/her behalf?  Maritime Admiralty Law for corporations, Jewish Talmudic Law for pedophiles, or the Common Law for Kings?” 

The Justice system is in fact a Just Us system. The person who wins a case in New Zealand is either a pedophile or the most closely related to a pedophile.

Never provide these Crown Vampires with your full birth name – or Facebook for that matter – they own it and you will pay the price for breaching their copyright. You have a right to remain silent as well as a right to common law jurisdiction – not granted by them, but by very birth. If they force you to sign then always put “V.C” at the end of it, Under Duress and legally unenforceable. Insist on using your common law name and common law jurisdiction. Demand to see the person it is alleged you have harmed or a sworn statement by someone whom it is being claimed you have harmed. That entity cannot be the Crown as the Judge works for the Crown and that is not a fair hearing. No victim = no crime.



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