Bolshevik Updates – Top Waikato Cop Bruce Bird Daughter’s Arrest & Corruption Allegations


Featured Image – Waikato police district commander Superintendent Bruce Bird is being investigated over interfering with daughter’s arrest

Although the Shadow NZ Government doesn’t like to mention it – because they run the stuff into NZ and then use the gangs to distribute it – meth is behind most domestic violence cases these days. Which was always the plan by these Bolshevik terrorists now running the Nation. So the obvious question here is, could Waikato cop Bruce Bird’s daughter be in that ‘scene’? Perhaps we could clear that one up first? What are the details of the arrest and charges laid? A shadow Government/ Bolshevik cover up is well underway that much is clear. “A domestic incident” could mean she was selling the stuff from home for all we know.

Good on the duty cop for standing his ground and refusing to let this (alleged) criminal get away with illegally interfering.

Notable that the good duty cop now seems to have been forced out of his job but the  accused remains in place to defend himself – not a great start to the investigation – should be the other way around obviously.

Bruce Bird’s district is crawling with Masonic perverts and sex offenders according to the Justin Davis Files and they are using sophisticated drugs to rape their victims. Most of them are high flying professional types and they can only get away with it if the police are corrupt also and the top cops all compromised. And they are getting away with it because they are all at the same official dinner parties.

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