Chabad-Lubavitch – the Most Powerful Jewish Terrorist Organization on Earth


Featured Image – an artists impression of Jews – the second most clicked word on the inter-net, the digital New World Order trap run by Talmudic Jews from Israel and Russia. Bit like the old World order run by Talmudic Jews from London, Rome & Switzerland, except now based around the silicon chip as opposed to the printing press. Pictured is the new Liberal Jew, said to be the latest disguise used to keep the Talmudic dream (in fact religion) of never ending war, terrorism, ethnic cleansing & pedophilia for ‘God’ on a  roll..and paying dividends.


In the video below – Brendon O’Connell, the Australian political realist forced into exile for insulting a Jew in his Australian hometown of Perth, chats with Nick Spero about the various forms of Jewish fascism, terrorism and organized crime. They discuss Chabad-Lubavitch, said to be the most powerful terrorist organization on Earth. Named after the small Russian town in which they started their movement to take over the World using pedophilia, Freemasons and Talmudic Law, many of its founding Jewish members seem to have ties to Transylvania, the home of the vampire stories about grown men with an addiction to ‘virgin blood’ (children’s blood).  It is said that most of these freaks now hang out in the hills of back country Israel (in fact Palestine) off their faces on crack cocaine all day and night, dreaming up folk law such as man made climate change, Osama Bib Laden organizing the 911 attacks, ISIS (the Israeli Secret Intelligence service), microchipping the entire global population, and other means of essentially taking over the World – for ‘God’ – so that they can have better access to the Goy’s kids. Can these terrorists be stopped?


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