Bolshevik Updates – Did Police Burn Man Alive in House to Save on any Awkward Investigation?


Featured Image – on face value, the NZ police appear to have shot the man in the house before torching it to destroy all the evidence. That could be the presumption. 

Gunman likely to have died in house fire after shooting two women dead in Northland – Stuff

Obvious questions:

  • who were the two women visiting his property?
  • were they invited or did they have a search warrant?
  • did this involve any North Island police meth dealing, or meth dealing debts?
  • the reports of rapid gun fire before the fire suggests the police deliberately murdered the man in the house before setting fire to it to destroy the evidence.
  • how do the police conclude the man “likely died” in the house fire before an investigation? Because they know they already shot him perhaps.

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