Dr Lance O’Sullivan – Mk Ultra Breakdown – Vaxxed


Featured Image – Dr Lance O’Self Love Sullivan – arguably more Brylcreem than alleged serial killer Simon Bridges MP. One wonders if he self medicates. There are very few doctors who don’t. 


Mk Ultra mind control essentially works by abusing people as children then letting that trauma fester and rot until it becomes ‘demonic’ and the victim becomes the victimizer. Useful putty in the hands of those who run the ‘show’ – the so called Synagogue of Satan. Severely abused and traumatized children can often go on to become serial child abusers and killers and even mass murderers and dictators. The powers that be ‘mind’ their assets using a network of Sayanim handlers, often shrinks, businessmen, bankers, people in media, and even church leaders, often even someone’s best friend.

One obvious example of serial killers in New Zealand would be those who recommended and administered the Gardasil vaccine which killed at least 3 young Kiwi women, probably many more. – source 

Another would arguably be Simon Bridges MP who oversees the killings of hundreds of Kiwis and tourists every year on our unsafe and substandard roads. The Minister for ‘Housing’ Nick Smith MP would be another obvious one. Also Jonathan Coleman who puts the sodium fluoride (rat poison) in the water.

Simon Bridges?

Our society is littered with MK Ultra demonic freaks and they do more harm than standing armies.

Media Whores would encourage Dr Lance O’Sullivan to familiarize himself with this situation and perhaps join efforts to help stop these psychopaths that operate in our society and are rewarded for their blood letting.

Doctor leaps on stage at anti-vaccination movie and blasts those gatheredstuff


‘We made the best decision’ – source


‘OMG! I am sitting next to another serial killer!’ Obama ordered 2500+ drone strikes which killed up to 25 innocent people each time and started more wars than George Bush. Lance was far too busy vaxxing Kiwi children to figure this out. 



Jack Tame 666

Media Whores understands Jack Tame was Tweeted for comment but no response as yet.  


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