Exclusive – Is Simon Bridges MP a Serial Killer?


Featured Image – an artist’s impression of oil company executive Simon Bridges (MP)


With 32 tourists dead in NZ in one 30 day period, mostly on the roads, and making NZ statistically more dangerous for tourists than Syria, some are starting to suggest Simon Bridges may actually be best labeled as a serial killer..


And some are even saying Jewish serial killer, but most of our MP’s and top media people are all Jewish these days – chosen by God some say. Surely they are not all serial killers?

Simon Bridges – Jewish and looks like a serial killer – Source

It could well be argued that John Key was a serial killer, and possibly also Amy Adams – both also Jewish. Perhaps Peter Dunne with his ‘legal highs’ that killed hundreds – toxic drug dealer Matt Bowden also being Jewish of course. Possibly also Nathan Guy with his 1080 – also Jewish. And Jonathan Coleman MP who puts sodium fluoride (rat poison) in the water supply. It would be politically incorrect however to start suggesting that all of our politicians are Jewish serial killers. Hurtful even.

There was also that strange link to Tony Robertson who was painted up as a serial killer but maintains he was framed.

And with 74 cents per litre on our petrol, why are the roads not gold plated by now? Is there a giant black hole somewhere? And don’t give us that ‘Kaikoura quake’ crap. The Japanese would have fixed all of that in 3.5 days.

Interesting to see British Freemason, Jew and oil company representative Boris ‘Yeltsin’ Johnson visiting Kaikoura this week also. Locals would be well advised to keep their children inside in our view, ever since NZ’s Jewish ‘female’  judge Lowell Goddard put an end to the investigation of Westminster serial child sex abuse.

Mostly though, we just wanted to get that image back up. Incredible. We are aware that Holy-wood does forecasting mind control, but wtf


Image – Simple Simon on a Bridge. It is alleged that many if not most Western MP’s are being bribed for/by child abuse crimes (see video below) 

Oil company executive Simon Bridges (MP) explains why we must drill for oil off the coast of Kaikoura. Luckily it was blown up in an ‘earthquake’ shortly after. And the earth movers seem to have all broken down. 

Pizza Gate explained in 14 minutes










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