The Secrets of Saturn


The Crown is Cronus is Saturn is Satan is the State. Choose your favorite colour – Red, Blue or Greens. Everyone in parliament and working in the Courts is a ‘Satanist’. Most of the top ones you see are child abusers, mostly under advanced MK Ultra mind control from a very young age. If they are especially crooked and deviant they are ‘honored’.

Everyone is born in Time and will die in Time. Old man Cronus being the God of Time. The Crown stamp that date on all of your documents. It is a sea of paper from the Papacy and it’s ‘Ministries’. Now being gradually replaced with your I.P address, phone number, email, Facebook account and online bank as ‘Satan’ / the State goes digital for its new world order run by ‘servers’ in Israel, with the Star of Saturn on it’s flag. Data is the new Papa.

The Synagogue of Satan / Saturn have your original birth certificate with birth location and time. It is a bonded document worth around $75 million. It is traded on the bond/ slave market depending on your estimated net worth and the contracts you sign in that name. It is cashed up when you ‘expire’ or die, or when they murder you. The vast majority of murders by the state are done in the hospitals and by the doctors but they give these murders flash medical names and people just go along with it. Also on the roads. $75 million a pop. Plus work for the doctors, surgeons, coroners and insurance companies.

Simon Bridges?

32 tourists killed in NZ over 30 days – source

If you come to the attention of the 666 Synagogue – via business, personal or even criminal matters, they study your birth chart and calculate when to promote you, attack you, set you up, and even when to arrest you or what day to schedule your trail to best give them an advantage. They also use these birth certificates and charts to choose which kids to go after at an early age, especially those whose charts show leadership potential – for good or for bad. They will often go after, target and set up the parents of certain kids simply based on the kids birth chart and to get them into state care etc.

They work at night, against their fellow man, and most of them are kiddie fiddlers. MP’s, Judges, lawyers, those with ‘honors’ & titles etc – a large mob of demented sickos and perverts essentially – paraded in the media all day long, relentlessly honoring each other.

They even target the children and partners of the spies that work for them while those spies are at work.

Thus the importance of knowing how all of this stuff works. Knowing thyself.

Free on line birth chart :

Contact Astrologer Don Murray if you need to calculate your birth time. It can be accurately calculated based on 3 or 4 life events and will cost you around $100.

Secrets of Saturn – Santos Bonacci

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