Kiwis Urged to “Keep their Children Indoors” for Boris Johnson Visit to Kaikoura and New Zealand


Featured Image Boris Johnson, Jewish Freemason pictured with Nathan Guy, another Jewish NZ MP and 1080 terrorist speculated to have an IQ well under room temperature. Check out those noses. Two pea brains in hellie pod. 

New Zealanders and especially Kaikoura residents are being urged to “keep their children indoors” as the British Freemasons ‘descend’ into their towns and villages.

Primarily this is due to the unresolved “Westminster Scandal” in which thousands of young children in the UK were raped and even murdered by high profile, in fact the highest profile, British Freemason Lords and MP’s. The so called ‘investigation’ was then fudged by NZ’s very own ‘female’ judge Lowell Goddard (also Jewish).

Given there has been no serious attempt to arrest these highly prized and protected pedophiles and child killers, the public would be best advised to make sure they do NOT let their children anywhere near these types of people.

New Zealand has the same problem with its own MP’s of course. It is truly a ‘globalist’ operation these people are running.

Others have mentioned the more recent Pizza Gate Scandal in which top politicians were again exposed as having links to alleged Jewish controlled International child sex trafficking rings. Again, no arrests have been made.

Children being kept at State run centers and adoption homes are being given extra warnings.

Kaikoura recently ‘blew up’ in an Earthquake that seemed to target the town specifically as well as the entry and exit points along State Highway One and oddly enough just as public debate on whether it should be opened up for oil and gas drilling was heating up.

The Freemason NZ Government which is made up of mostly Jewish MP’s has been urged to ask Japan for advice, given they would have cleared up the entire mess in around 3 days. The current plans by the Government and their oil company overlords is to shut down Kaikoura for one to two tourists seasons. Locals are being encouraged to go live in one of the new ‘Super Cities’ being set up against our will where they will have ‘Smart Meters’ and more sodium fluoride in the water.

One Kaikoura resident we spoke with was still in good spirits though “The Jewish controlled and owned oil companies could have just carpet bombed us like they have done to their neighbors in Syria and Iraq for their oil and gas – so we have gotten off lightly. Definitely keeping the kids indoors today though – we have been doing that every time any politician visits here, especially our own MP’s and the media that serves them. I used to be a Mason and if there is one thing I learned, it is never leave your kids around Masons, especially the Talmudic Jews that run the Masons.”

Legal – Media Whores has seen no evidence that every Jewish Freemason is involved in International child sex trafficking. Or otherwise. They generally tend to stay very quiet, which they have a legal right to do it should be added. 


Serial pedophile & British politician Cyril Smith – look familiar to you? 


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