Over 36,000 ‘visits’ in the Past 7 Days


Media Whores front end statistics show we have had over 36,000 visits in the past 7 days, from over 8,000 unique readers/ viewers.

Our back end stats (from the hosting company, not the website system) show we actually get 1000 visitors every 45 minutes on average. Everyday. From all over the World. Most articles have had over 10,000 views within 7 days according to the back end reports.

The views on lead articles however do not change throughout the day. In fact they go backwards for a while when first posted, then suddenly stop and then stay the same all week.

Welcome to the new 1984/ Soviet/ Marxist/ Jewish overlord reality.

The PHP software that runs almost the entire front end of the Internet is of course owned by an Israeli company – Zend Tech – (as in “Z End” in Nazi/ Zionist Hebrew) and Israeli ‘Jewish’ spies hack the entire ‘web’.

The entire internet is another Hebrew designed and controlled Hoax designed to enslave the entire World. Well – the Goy at least. Its called “Operation Talpiot” (see video below)

These people that seek to rule over us all are not just whack job psychopaths – they are in fact pure evil. Controlling your minds and censoring as they use their corporations and compromised whack job/ pedo politicians to go about trying to mass murder the populace – for ‘God’.

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