Alchemy & Transformation of Self – Manly P Hall


Featured Image – yes triangles, but don’t panic.


Manly P Hall would be a fan of Santos Bonacci’s work

Both speak the same language – the alchemical process of human ‘ascension’.

The “al” part of the word alchemy relates to the word alkaline. Also the ‘el’ in electricity. By balancing the 12 cell salts and purifying / alkalizing the blood in the human body, one can activate their full physical potential including the so called ‘third eye’ or pineal gland. Not to mention regenerate itself. That’s what it is designed to do.

They both explain that these secrets are hidden in most well known religious texts and both borrow heavily from them.

‘The system’ is designed to constantly distract and dissuade people from ever looking into this stuff.

Could this be the dreaded Illuminati that Duncan Garner has been trying to warn everyone about?


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