Alison Mau & the Hit Media Musical – “Dirty Laundry” – Available on street corners soon


Featured Image – Alison Mau – before her apparent transformation. Very hard to find full side profile images of most of these people. 


Media Whores Associate Chief of Domestic Corporate Miscommunications will be attempting to contact Alison Mau for comment on whether she would like to star in a new hit media musical called “Dirty Laundry”. Let’s face it, the part was written for her. Readers will be updated when the Associate Chief next shows up for work, which tends to be a bit random, at best. The call will also go out for a loose collection of liberals to pose as protesters for an as yet undecided but terribly important cause. WINZ funding will be provided as will be free Hellers sausage rolls.

Seems Don Henley has had most of his work removed from Youtube – possibly for calling his last tour “Inside job”. Bob Dylan would be proud.

Legal – Mao starts at 4pm not 5pm. 




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