The NZ Herald Labelled a Fake News Suicide Movement -Murray Kirkness #PizzaGate


ISIS terrorist? 

Rothschild chump Murray Kirkness – leader of the suicide cult called the NZ Herald. Spreads more fake news than Nasa does fake space images. We couldn’t find a side profile of that nose, a common problem.


Image – The NZ Hebrew. Black being the Synagogue of Satan/ Saturn. The colour black has nothing to do with New Zealand, that association has been deliberately invented over the years. 


The New Zealand Herald is best described as a fake news suicide and child abuse movement.

They specialise in shadow Government murder cover ups, drug trafficking cover ups, child abuse cover ups, the sexualisation of children, and otherwise fake news. Fake politics, fake economics, fake science, fake diet advice, fake medical advice and of course fake debt with a never ending stream of creative ways to get yourself further into the red by borrowing more counterfeit/ fake money off the bankers who print the stuff out of thin air then lend it to you at interest.

In the interests of our own journalistic integrity however, we should state that most of the car crashes they report on are real. But that’s about it.

Then they come out today and do a special feature on New Zealand’s suicide problem.


“Breaking the silence” – NZ Horrid 30/07/207

Well how about this for a headline ? You are the suicide problem Murray Kirkness and NZ Herald”

A quick sample of today’s fake news and otherwise septic crap from Murray Kirkness and the NZ Daily Hebrew:

Britney Spares off her face on crack cocaine painted up as glamorous – Murray Kirkness pushing the child sex grooming agenda

The beautician to singer on ISIS hitlist” – ISIS is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – same people Murray Kirkness works for.

“Teen hostage slain escaped killer” – a teenager was murdered overseas somewhere, but it was glamorous, so it is front page NZ Herald news on the same day they run a ‘caring’ feature about suicide in NZ. Murray Kirkness is a two faced moronic git.

“To catch a killer – the Black Widow Case” – rehashing an old murder cover up story for a headline with the words “killer” in it. Sure to help suicidal Kiwis get through the day.

“Experts, tell us what is in killer drug” – the killer drugs are in your food, booze and medicines, all of which are promoted daily by the Herald and they are killing hundreds of Kiwis every day. The NZ Herald are serial killers.

Keisha Castle-Hughes on “Insane” Death & the never ending fight to stay glamorous .

Herald feature aimed at getting a young Kiwi model to top herself. Bailey Scarlett 

Then an ad by Bayleys Real Estate – one of our favorites. Advertising NZ homes in China, big fan of the “Free Trade” deals the corporations wrote for us, and still helping to cover up the child abuse allegations involving ‘their’ housing minister Nick Smith MP. What’s a little child abuse when you are making record profits? And Murray Kirkness would seem to agree.


“Crucial evidence missed in Lundy case” – another deep state ongoing murder cover up. Justin Davis wrote some stuff on the Lundy murder case .The NZ Herald has been sent the Justin Davis Files God knows how many times, but it is a threat to their ongoing work of lying about everything. The Herald editorial staff, especially Murray Kirkness, are arguably complicit in these murder cover ups and associated allegations.

“Lundy a pedo. Check out the eyes on his late wife and child. The drugs they use cause eye enlargement. But he didn’t kill his wife and child. A business deal went sour he had with powerful pedo’s, they had his wife and child killed and him set up. One of the people who were involved in the murders was hawkes bay pedophile Peter Alan Charles Mason , born 1 may , 1964. Convicted kidnapper , investigated for child rape. And so after he was let off his teenage son Richard was investigated for raping a young girl”  –  Justin Davis Files

Murray Kirkness is certainly a man who the establishment can ‘trust’.


Pizza Gate – helps give some perspective on the mainstream media #PizzaGate

And Murray Kirkness’ employers – ISIS – the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service:

One of our real news favorites – the NASA Hoax



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