The Royal Family Hoax – Rothschild Puppets


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The Royal Family Hoax – Rothschild Puppets. Bit like our politicians and judiciary. All being bribed for something – what’s your poison and how far do you want to fall?

The entire English ‘Royal’ Family are Rothschild /’Jewish’ inbreds with the odd trusted commoner chucked in to help muddy the waters. Much like the NZ parliament.


Prince Charles with close friend Jimmy Savile. There is almost certainly a degree of Charles being stitched up with the whole Jimmy Savile thing. Unsure how much truth there is to it. Could perhaps be fair to say his entire life is a stitch up. A bloody awful job, but probably the best paid acting work around.


Prince Harry’s real father – James Hewitt


Prince Williams real father – King Carlos of Spain


Kate Middleton’s fake pregnancy – some may recall the story of the nurse at the hospital maternity ward who committed suicide down the alley from work after accidentally seeing Kate with her belt off (presumably).

[Hang on to your hats/ mice]

‘Princess’ Diana was / is David Furnish – Elton John’s partner. Videos below.

Youtube sometimes remove this video below- so if it is gone, search Youtube “Zion – what the Royals don’t want you to see” – actually it is what the Rothshilds don’t want you to see.




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