Could the Whangerei Shooting be a 666 Hoax / False Flag about Gun Control?


Featured Image – the alleged shooter Quinn Patterson. Possibly just dropped a tab of acid. Interesting that no one in the media was using the word “alleged” as they usually do. The ‘investigation was concluded by the time the incident hit the papers 30 minutes later. Very odd. Stuff photo “supplied” – who “supplied” the recent photo of Quinn to the media within an hour of the alleged shooting? 


Well – we are going to go out on a limb here – as per usual.

Without concluding there were no victims, lets look at whether Quinn Patterson could have been an MK Ultra patsy, or possibly whether the whole thing has been staged.

Media Whores has been saying for some time that the 666 Synagogue Club of Talmudic kiddie fiddler ‘Jews’ will start staging terror attacks in New Zealand also. NZ is experiencing a Bolshevik invasion by these inbred Khazar pedophiles, an invasion which started decades ago but has ramped up since Kiddie Fiddler Key was placed in power. These Bolshevik terrorists have been storming our borders and into the Auckland and Tauranga property market since 2007. So we owe it to ourselves to take a closer look at this ‘event’ in Whangarei.

When Media Whores uses the word “Jew” or “Jewish” we are usually referring to the Talmudic / Masonic Jews whose religious texts teach them that sex with 3 year old kids is seen as ‘holy’ by their ‘God’ (Saturn/ Satan). These are the same gang of ‘Jews’ behind the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and more recently who staged the 911 attacks and are staging all of the ‘terrorism’ around the World as a means to get blind Western support for their ethnic cleansing and genocidal dreams for Israel and the Middle East.

If you want to know how to tell the difference between a pedophilia loving Talmudic Jew and anything else, you simply ask them if they think 911 was an inside job and if sky scrapers blow up and then collapse when hit by airplanes. Those who are still pushing that story are most likely Talmudic Jews and it would be wise not to let them anywhere around your children and according to many reports, be careful they don’t sneak up behind you and try to drug you with chloral hydrate then drag you off somewhere to be raped. We will not mention the Khazar nose here, ask people about 911 if in any doubt as to who/what they are.

Below is a selection of Jewish & Masonic crisis actors that show up at all the best staged “terrorist” attacks – this will help build the picture. Just type “hoax” and your favorite terrorist attack into Google or Youtube and prove to yourself that all of these attacks have been false flags staged by these psychopaths. Everyone knows this – except perhaps John Campbell and the other Jews and Masons working in media. It is speculated that these crisis actors get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few hours work- enough to disappear on for a while. People who play the part of victims can get up to $5 million it has been said. Enough to disappear and retire on, with the whole family.

It is highly possible that New Zealand has so called ‘sleeper cells’ of these Talmudic terrorists situated around the Nation waiting for instruction. That is how it works overseas.

There are essentially two agendas at play with these false flags 1) to promote the war on terror for Israel and the illusion that there are Muslim terrorists under our beds so the Jews can justify their ongoing ethnic cleansing and war across the Middle East – for God. And 2) staging domestic terror so they can disarm the entire West and get safer access to other people’s children.

Oddly enough, last month our 666 Synagogue shadow Government tried to sneak through some legislation on tighter gun controls – legislation that was hardly debated or agreed upon in public, as per usual – but this legislation failed. Paula Bennett was one of the MP’s who refused to rubber stamp it.

Almost the next week, a story was leaked about Paula Bennett’s welfare fraud and life as a local park hooker. Media Whores published that story and it went viral getting over 80,000 views. Most of our article views are hacked and wound back but this one was for some reason allowed to run. Our articles on the Nick Smith MP Nelson pedophile ring allegations are heavily censored and the views wound back everyday. Smith is still protected, Bennett is not. Paula Bennett had apparently been given a ‘burn notice’ for not supporting the new gun laws as required of her by the synagogue and siding with the gun lobby instead.

Then just a couple weeks later we have this Whangarei ‘shooting’ which seems to be all about gun control. Every media report has been at pains to mention all of the guns and associated ammunition that alleged shooter Quinn Peterson had. They have also gone to great lengths to mention his trading of firearms on Trade Me. He even had a “fire sale” the month before the alleged shooting to get as much attention as he possibly could. This seems to be part of the whole agenda. It pays to keep in mind that everything these satanic freaks do is based on Problem, Reaction, Solution. First they create the problem and the solution is always there ready to go once the public / sheeple react.

Great timing aye? Gun control is now firmly back on the agenda.

Now let’s look at the alleged shooter Quinn Peterson. Patterson arrived in NZ from overseas with his family at a young age. Our guess is they came from Eastern Europe somewhere – judging by the size of his nose. A few years later Quinn stabbed a policeman on the streets of Hamilton. It apparently took 3-4 years to convict him, then that was thrown out by the Court of Appeal and the 5 years jail term changed to 18 months. Media Whores has covered in detail how members of the Synagogue/ 666 club are protected by the “Just Us” system and are hardly ever convicted. It was a pretty straight forward case, so why all the fuss?

Image – Quinn and Hamilton cop Bruce Howat – matching noses. Stuff photo “supplied” – who “supplied” the recent photo of Quinn to the media within an hour of the alleged shooting? 

Quinn was said to be shooting guns at his property all day long as well as openly trading them on Trade Me and even had a “Fire sale” last month to really boost attention. Notable that Trademe also closed down his account the day of the shooting, before any investigation had taken place or a coroner even issued a cause of death notice. It would be illegal for Trade Me to close someone’s account like that without due notice or process. Could Trade Me have been in on ‘the act’ also?

Quinn also apparently constructed a ‘built for purpose’ shed out the back of the property a month or so ago. Luckily it was this shed that he chose to hide in when the cops came, before somehow magically blowing it up and destroying any evidence and possibly even a body, so the main house was saved. A policeman even came around to ‘check up on’ the structure the month before – what are the odds? When was the last time a policeman came over to anyone’s house to check up on ‘illegal structures’? Someone from the council sure. Was the cop checking to see if everything was ready to go and suitable for the ‘event’?

And Quinn Patterson couldn’t have possibly made more of an effort to associate himself with guns could he? Openly trading them, telling all his friends and even shooting them all day long for everyone to hear. “Look at me everybody, I am gong to be in your newspaper soon. I’m a whack job  and guns are dangerous”.

Then the actual alleged shooting.

“Armed police formed a shield around medically trained officers to try and reach the victims of yesterday’s triple shooting in Whangarei but they were unable to save them.”  – Herald 

Well hang on, it was first reported that police had concluded Quinn had died in the gun fight at the shed and before the fire. How the police new that is anyone’s guess, but why would they then bother forming a protective ring around the alleged victims and medical team? A medical team would NOT be allowed anywhere near the site until it was cleared and safe. That is absolute bullshit. Could it have been to make sure again that there were no other witnesses? Perhaps there were no bodies, or perhaps the people were not actually dead? Perhaps they made up that crap because reporters on site where asking why police where all huddled in a circle ? Maybe they were just blocking the view?

Armed police also had time to put extra Brylcreem in their hair before attending this photo shoot’ – Herald . Click to enlarge. 

Below is a photo of alleged victim Jeff Pipe – driving, smiling and joking with police after allegedly being shot in the back and shoulder while running for his life after watching two people get murdered. Tough day at work obviously. Nice of the medical staff to let him drive on out of there. – Herald. Click to enlarge. “Gidday guys – jeez, just saw two women get murdered and I am shot in the back and shoulder – but bloody nice day today aye?” 

Police inspect bullet hole’s in Jeff Pipe’s car – look at the position of the two holes, but he was shot in the back and shoulder? Or was that while running away? Then got in his car and reversed out safely while being shot at, before stopping to share a laugh about it all with the cops? – Otago Daily Times

And the victims?

Here is a photo of Wendy Campbell and a young lady taken two years ago in July 2015 and posted on her Facebook page. The comments say the other girl looks like her mother. This is not Natanya is it?

Here is Wendy Campbell and her alleged daughter more recently – on holiday somewhere. They look nothing alike and could probably pass off as partners as opposed to mother daughter?

Wendy Campbell’s business “Seek n Find Limited” is not even listed on the NZ Companies office website. In fact, when you do a search, it comes up with another company called Black Salt Property Whangaei, registered a couple of KM’s down the road from Seek n Find. Why is Wendy Campbell’s company not listed on the Companies Office website? Her website clearly states it is a limited liability company so it should be there. And why does a search for Seek n Find go to another property company in Whangarei? Could Wendy Campbell perhaps have negotiated the sale of her company and signed it over to Black Salt as she lay dying outside of Quinn Patterson’s home? Bloody talented businesswomen if she did.

Interesting also to see reports that Quinn moved to his house in “Tiger’s Road” around the same time that Wendy moved to Whangarei to start her new business. Readers familiar with our work and the work of others exposing the 666 Mason Synagogue will be aware we just happen to have entered Leo a few days before the shooting. Yes, they do plan things to that extent. It is all esoteric. We did a post about the sign of Leo just a few days ago.

The Jewish Mason looking journalist on Maori TV (Kawe Roes) had an interview with a “family representative” named Nore Martin who just happens to speak exceptionally good Maori and “firstly” acknowledges “all of those who have passed away around the Country”. WTF? Does he mean all of the Maori that the white man has shot and killed perhaps? Beautiful. The shooter was Jewish mate. The same people that ran the Crown when they invaded your country using us white slaves as cannon fodder and paid minimum wages to help clear the bush. The same people that run the Crown (and the slavery) now. The Mason journalist is grinning from ear to ear throughout the interview. Nore Martin’s Facebook page does not detail any job or work place. We would be interested to know if he has a police or military background. Interesting also that he mentions “the whanua” around 10 times in the interview, but for some reason Maori TV decided against a video interview so no gathering of family is seen, or heard. And we didn’t hear any sign of “grieving” at all – sounds more like a rehearsed acceptance speech he is giving as the Maori TV journalist grins the whole time.

This guy Kawe Roes looks really evil and grinned his way through that whole interview. Media Whores has done numerous articles describing what we think these 666 types look like and this guy is the spitting image. Right down to the glasses. Has Maori TV been infiltrated also? It is probably now crawling with them after the real leaders in there were all forced to step aside in recent years. Someone should check up on his background and also that odd last name. Looks Jewish to us, not Maori. Could be HIGHLY dangerous.


Wendy Campbell’s Facebook page has not been updated since October 2016. And all she posted before that was on line gaming links. Waiting for the jackpot perhaps?

Only 4 out of Wendy Campbell’s 233 Facebook friends bothered to post a message of condolence in the first few days. Very odd, in fact unbelievable.

And Quinn Patterson’s Facebook page, just one link to a brand spanking souped up Mercedes sports car back in 2012 before he decided to move to Whangarei, around the same time as Wendy Campbell. Was he also waiting for the jackpot?

All very strange stuff

We have only glimpsed over some of the articles and images in relation to this story, but that is the strange stuff we picked up on. A closer look would probably discover more weird questions we imagine. Others may want to take a closer look also.

We are not saying this was a false flag / staged ‘terrorist’ event by the Talmudic Jews and Masons, but it is important to check it out and look closely because if it was it will provide good warning to Kiwis on how far they plan these things in advance, how the network of Masons and 666 members around the community and in the media all collude on the cover up. And if this is the case, there will be more of these sleeper cells waiting for their orders also. Media Whores has been saying for some time this would happen and they will pop them off in rapid succession like they have done in Europe. That is how the Bolshevik Jews operate, full scale multi pronged attacks across as many different groups in society as they can. Be aware.

It is also possible of course that Quinn was a MK Ultra puppet and has actually killed to innocent people which is of course a far worse situation. But lets not shy away from questioning the ‘official story’.




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