The John Campbell Hoax – is he CIA or Sayanim Mossad?


Featured Image – John ‘the Cheese’ Campbell. CIA or Mossad Sayanim? We are going with both actually. Campbell is the Marxist/ Communist / Soviet deep state’s leading man in New Zealand as far as we can tell. An ‘ISIS’ terrorist quite like no other. 


“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Lenon

Media Whores was watching this interview below the other day between John Campbell of socialist fame and alleged serial killer Simon Bridges MP.

It is some of the best political acting we have seen in a while. John Campbell is obviously quite talented, but Simon Bridges is one out of the box also it seems and no doubt the reason for his rapid ascension into the materialist / Rothschild ‘heavens’ where all of the demented freaks dwell.

The same website that suggested to us Bridges may be a serial killer also points out that he is ‘Jewish’ – or Chosen by God if you will. Most of our MP’s are these days which is how they have all managed to cover up the fact that Israel staged the 911 attacks and is in fact ISIS (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) and runs the entire war on/of terror as the excuse to spy on everyone’s children and finances.

It would probably be a safe bet to say that John Campbell is also of the ‘satanic’ bloodline – or simply compromised so far up the proverbial whazoo that he may as well be.

John Campbell’s job – and even we can admit, he is pretty bloody good at it – is to pose as opposition to the corporate Fourth Reich run by Jewish bankers and their army of inbred globalist rich listers – but all the while stuffing his own pockets and being ever so careful not to expose, cover, go near or even mention anything that might expose the actual people that create all the mayhem he is always reporting on. Campbell could perhaps be best described as having some sort of permanent enema device attached to his rectum which gives him an infallible and permanent aura of artificially induced concern.

The end goal is full scale global communism – and the current rabid system of out of control greed and capitalism is simply the means by which the Rothschild bankers seek to convince the sheeple that ‘Universal Basic Income’ will be a form of progress. Rothschild prints the money folks and thus runs the entire global corporate system. It is not ‘free market’ – that is a hoax.

A simple example of how Campbell works towards this end goal would be forgetting to mention that the World’s biggest ‘seismic testing’ ship has been just off our Coastlines every time a major quake has been triggered (if they really are earthquakes at all).

Goldman Sachs plan for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of NZ for oil & gas drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy- next Kiwirail train to Auschwitz!” – one of Media Whores first ever articles before first being shut down some years ago. 

We include some of Campbell ‘the Cheese’ biggest and most obvious cover ups below, but first start with his interview with Talmudic child abuse victim Simon Bridges MP, the Jewish owned oil companys’ top media man. This is pure theater and rest assured these two know each other’s secrets. Watch carefully at (or skip to) 12 mins 40 seconds as the highly polished John Campbell drops his guard for a split second and actually winks at the younger and slightly less ‘experienced’ Bridges as a subconscious reminder that he needs to follow Campbell’s lead.

John Campbell’s biggest cover up – without doubt – is the Justin Davis Files, New Zealand’s biggest ever leak of shadow Government / Synagogue murder cover ups & child abuse ring cover ups. It spills the dirt on almost ever major murder case and child disappearance case of the past 30 years. Radio NZ will be crawling with these types and thus will not touch it. We can not guarantee that this is how Campbell is controlled also, but rest assured they have something on every single one of these top media front men – dating back to when Jewish KGB agent Vladamir Putin was here in the 1980’s to commence the work of collecting those secrets.

John Campbell’s deliberate and basically ridiculous cover up of Israeli involvement in the 911 attacks and ongoing Alqaeda, ISIS & war of terror hoaxes. Ask yourself, how on EARTH did John the Cheese fail to notice any of this evidence below? Because he is compromised so far up the whazoo he can no longer even recognize  his own shadow….


History repeats – the history of the Bolshevik Jews




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