Are NZ’s Biggest Ever Child Abuse Leaks ‘The Justin Davis Files’ Not Kosher?


Featured Image taken from Justin Davis’ Facebook page. It seems a ‘hex’ has been thrown over his leaks of organized ‘Talmudic’ child abuse in NZ and they have been ‘blackballed’ . Is it possible they are just not ‘kosher’?  Or even worse, not politically correct? Or possibly even racist? 

The Justin Davis Files are the biggest leak of Shadow Government/ Synagogue murders, murder cover ups and organized child abuse rings, in the Nation’s history.

In his texts, Justin Davis seems to solve almost every staged and real murder mystery of the past 30+ years, as well as most missing children mysteries as well as shedding light on most of the major child abuse cover ups in recent times. He provides never seen before evidence about the Bain murders, Lundy murders, Scott Watson set up, Ewen McDonald cover up, even the Kirsa Jensen missing persons case from 1983, claiming his father was the real killer.

They make it clear that there is a gang of highly organized (and very wealthy) child sex offenders and even child murderers working as a team across New Zealand with the apparent ongoing protection of the NZ police and judiciary. These people are quite literally drugging then abusing Kiwi children and adults in schools, dentists offices and churches around the Nation, not to mention filming most of it and storing it in ‘libraries’ in their homes around the Country. It is like some sort of religion for them. Talmudic we suspect. They also seem to prove that Ian Wishart is a total fraud from start to finish and apparently a large part of the ongoing cover up efforts.

And yet nobody ‘in the system’ will even look at it. The police will not investigate it, the MP’s will not touch it (possibly because some of them are named in it) and the media continue to ignore it.

“Auckland professional caught with 6000 objectionable images” – escapes jail and given no conviction.

Could this be because the Justin Davis Files are not ‘kosher’? Could it be because the people who run our Nation, such as the judges, lawyers, MP’s and top police are actually the ones doing it all?

Kiwi families and children are not safe with this inter-related gang of rapists and killers on the loose, so they deserve to be warned.

We include a sample of text from the Justin Davis Files below and encourage readers to view the entire info on the website to learn how best to keep your family and communities safe from this gang who apparently trade in NZ children.

New Zealand’s own #PizzaGate

From the Justin Davis Files – is this the 666 shadow government ?

I suspect my email is hacked , same as my phone. Been fighting with police since 2013. They knew when I went to auckland last week to see a big lawyer there
Dr Paul Quigley, head of Wellington ed
The real trick to catch them is there films and drugs they use
There two big archives here – Everest Ave , Havelock North , a dirty cop lives next door. This is the Smith family , been drugging and raping kids for 50 years

Here’s another New Zealand Pedophile , the guy on the left is Hilton Bennett, lives in Hamilton , and is the main distributor of child rape drugs for pedophiles in the Hamilton and Auckland areas. Drugs are made in Hastings by retired dentist Mr Craig, and driven to Hamilton by Mr Craig’s 60 year old son Robert, to Mr Bennett, where they are on sold. The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed

The photo is of Dr Paul Quigley head of Wellington ed – and a pedophile

Yeah Nick Smith is connected to them no doubt what so ever
I been attack by guy running sex ring from his office in 2007

Former head of nz dentist association , wellington dentist L. Ross Jackson –  Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu . Dentists work out choral hydrate ( like chloform ) could be used for rapes – drug facilitated sexual assaults. If the rape victim remembers nothing it hard to prove anything went on. So they use a choral hydrate based spray with Hypnovel ( roofies ) and victim remembers nothing unless it’s real bad with torture like mine
If a person has cash and right connections they can order any child. The pedo do a home invasion and drug all people in house. Then they film the rape of the kids
i take it you have gone public with this already
The Police know who I am already.
Check nz police missing person under reviews, so they can’t delete it
I publicly accused them of involvement in torture ( mine ) , covering up child murder ( Kirsa Jensen ) , and more
They Txt me this morning talking about getting my wounds checked after i been waiting 2 and half years
I haven’t had fixed address since Jan 2014
You seen my photo and lab reports I take it ? You know I am for real

I did mention my biological father is one of the main figures, he also the guy that abduction raped and murdered napier schoolgirl Kirsa Jensen. Albert William Davis – my biological father, note I was raised by my grandparents who were good people

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Below a selection from Justin Davis’ Facebook page – not necessarily all ‘related’.

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