Jeff Pipe – Man of Steel – Shot Twice but Still Smiling! Whangarei ‘Shooting’


Featured Image – Jeff Pipe greets armed offenders and shares a laugh. Shot in the back and shoulder – where is the blood? 


Should Whangarei ‘shooting victim’ Jeff Pipe be awarded some sort of special honor?

The handyman  – possibly ex police, military or simple Sayanim  – was reportedly shot twice by Quinn Patterson at the Whangarei shooting ‘event’ last week before driving off down the road, past the emergency medical teams, to see his mates in the armed offenders squad and share a laugh before being whisked away to hospital where he has “stabilized”.

Reports say he was shot once in the back and once in the shoulder. Where is the blood? Does anyone seriously think this guy had been shot in the shoulder – take a good look. And why is he smiling. Doesn’t look traumatized or stressed at all.

In a second photo of the man of steel, we see that the media have actually blanked out his face, presumably because he was smiling too much. And why did he not have guns pointed at him and be made to lay on the ground? He could have been the shooter for all these guys knew. That would be standard procedure. What a joke.

Also note in the photo above that the bullet hole you can see has an exit hole in the back also. Was that the bullet that hit him in the shoulder and the back? Or was that while he was running to his car before starting it, then reversing out the driveway and driving off down the road with two bullets in him, past the medical teams to see the cops? Could it have been a magic curving bullet like in the Kennedy Assassination? And if so, could NZ stand to gain by patenting and marketing Quinn Pasty’s new bullet technology? Perhaps Julie Pepper from Black Salt Property Whangarei could help sell it for us? Or would that not be ‘kosher’?

False Flag, Hoax Hoax Hoax


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